Wickerman Festival

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Part of the Hallow's End event, the Wickerman Festival takes place in Tirisfal Glades as part of an annual Forsaken celebration. The Forsaken burn a Wickerman to celebrate their liberation from the Scourge. The Forsaken usually have a few Official horde mini-icon [60+] IconSmall Abomination Wickerman Guardians to protect the festivities.

Unfortunately, the local Alliance population often seeks to crash or disrupt the festival in various ways. Often, the Horde seeks retaliatory pranks to discourage this disruption or at least distract them.

The ceremonial burning takes place at 8:00 p.m. every night of the festival, which produces Wickerman Embers on the ground that can be used to receive the Invocation of the Wickerman. The Wickerman continues to burn throughout the night.

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