Warmaul Hill

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Warmaul Hill

Warmaul Hill

Warmaul Hill is a large mountaintop in northwestern Nagrand at [27, 21]. It is populated by a tribe of fierce ogres.



Drawings of what may be harpies within Warmaul Hill.

The ogres of Nagrand were formerly ruled by gronn, who ruled from a massive cavern in this mountaintop. However, a powerful ogre lord named Cho'war gathered a large group of ogres and rebelled against the gronn. They were, in the end, successful and drove the gronn out of the hill. Cho'war took leadership of the fractured ogre clans left behind by the gronns' overthrowing, and thus, the Warmaul were born. The only tribe not under the banner of Warmaul in Nagrand is the Boulderfist, who constantly fight the Warmaul over territory.

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