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Important NPCs




Introductory Quest

This is your first quest that is class exclusive. Simply take the Tainted Item to the person noted in the quest text. They are not far away.

Summoning Quests

Summoning of the Imp

There are no longer any quests to summon the imp pets. It is now trainable from the starting zone warlock trainer at level 1. Previously, the person that you delivered the Tainted Item to had a quest for you, to get:

  • IconSmall Orc Female 6 Vile Familiar heads by killing and looting Vile Familiars by the cave to the north.
  • IconSmall Undead Female 3 Rattlecage Skulls by killing and looting Rattlecage Skeletons on the north side of Deathknell.
  • IconSmall BloodElf2 Female 4 Wraith Essence and 1 Tainted Wraith Essence by killing and looting Arcane Wraiths and Tainted Arcane Wraith in Falthrien Academy to the west.
  • IconSmall Human Female The book Powers of the Void, near a Defias tent in the Vinyards across the river.
  • IconSmall Gnome Female 3 Feather Charms by killing and looting Frostmane Novices in a cave to the southwest.

The reward for this quest was the spell Summon Imp.

Summoning of the Voidwalker

Summoning of the Succubus


Summoning of the Felhunter


Summoning of the Infernal

There is also a warlock item-quest located in Shatter Scar Vale obtained at level 52 at your warlock trainer.


Summoning of the Doomguard

This questline ends up teaching you the Ritual of Doom to summon a Doomguard. This is the same Doomguard as is summoned by the Curse of Doom which has a 10% chance to summon the Doomguard, but it always summons a Doomguard in a ritual that need 5 players and randomly sacrifices one of them.

Summoning of the Felsteed

The Summon Felsteed spell no longer requires a quest, and can be learned from a Warlock Trainer at level 20. (Used to be level 40 until patch 2.4.3)

Summoning of the Dreadsteed

This quest is no longer required, as Dreadsteed is a trainable ability available at level 40. The Summon Dreadsteed spell can be learned from a Warlock Trainer at level 40 and requires Journeyman Riding skill. The quest allows you to obtain this spell (and the associated Feat of Strength) at level 60. This quest line consists of two independent "lines" (One gathering/crafting line and one adventuring line) that can be done simultaneously.



Items of Power

Of course, Warlocks also get item quests, this should be a complete list.

The Orb of Soran'ruk

You can choose one of the following:

A Noble Brew

It seems that this questline can be done by every Alliance character, but the final and item rewarding step can only be done by a Warlock.


Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe


Orb of Orahil

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [35] Knowledge of the Orb of Orahilω τ ϖ
  2. Neutral 15 [40] Fragments of the Orb of Orahil
  3. Then do one of the following quests. They are not technically prerequisites, but provide the required quest item for Fragments of the Orb of Orahil. Accepting either quest will make the other unavailable. The final chain rewards have been made identical, so it makes no difference which you accept. NOTE: Neither of these quests have anything to do with your ability to summon either a Felhunter or an Infernal; those are completely separate quest chains(see above).
  4. Neutral 15 [40] Cleansing of the Orb of Orahil
  5. Neutral 15 [40] Returning the Cleansed Orb
  6. Then she will offer

Rewards (one of the following):

Niby's stuff - he doesn't need it anyhow

Impsy, Niby the Almighty's Imp minion wants to create a minion for himself - funny, but you will gain some nice items too. The Questline seems to have three alternative starts in Felwood, Stormwind and Orgrimmar.


You can choose one of the following:

Harnessing Shadows

This is one of the book quests of Dire Maul. Just turn it in in the Library in Dire Maul.


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