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This article is a guild information page for Warband .

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Official horde mini-icon Warband Official horde mini-iconEdit

Warband Guild Information

Official horde mini-icon Warband Guild History Official horde mini-iconEdit

Warband is a 4 year old guild on the Misha realm.
It was created on the US Realm called "Misha" in 2009, before inactivating for 3 years. Warband has been recently reactivated by the original Guild Master Stryke, then subsequently taken over by Egamkcalb.

Official horde mini-icon Warband Guild Mission Statement Official horde mini-iconEdit

The Warband guild will provide a safe, friendly, and fun environment for its members.
Warband's members will strive to be renowned for their good nature, skill, and their integrity.

Official horde mini-icon Warband Charter Official horde mini-iconEdit

  • Warband will be a fun, casual group of adults that will play together and enjoy everything that World of Warcraft has to offer. In order of these things to happen, several guidelines will need to be followed:

    • Warband is an adult oriented guild, but has no age restrictions.
    • Members of Warband at all times will be respectful of fellow members and all other WoW players.
    • The Members of Warband will have the utmost integrity. Ninjas, hackers and exploiters WILL NOT be tolerated.
    • Lastly, and most importantly: While in Warband, members will HAVE FUN!!

Official horde mini-icon Warband Recruitment Official horde mini-iconEdit

If you would like to join Warband you will have to register on our Forums and make an application in the "Recruitment" section and apply to the website. You can also check out our current recruitment status on our forums.

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