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m (adding ID to infobox, replaced: <onlyinclude>{{{{{tpl|tooltip}}} |mode={{{mode|}}} |arg={{{arg|}}} |name=Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion |icon=INV_Sword_136 |quality=Epic |bind=BoP |slot=Two-Hand |type=Sword |dmg=704 - 1057 |speed=3.60 |dps=244...)
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== Patch changes ==
== Patch changes ==
* {{Patch 4.0.1|note=Stats Changed.}}
* {{Patch 3.1.2|note=[ Stats changed].}}
* {{Patch 3.1.2|note=[ Stats changed].}}
* {{Patch 3.1.0|note=Added.}}
* {{Patch 3.1.0|note=Added.}}

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Inv sword 136


This item drops from General Vezax in 25-man version of Ulduar on Hard Mode.

Voldrethar, Dark Blade Of Oblivion

A Tauren holding Voldrethar, Dark Blade Of Oblivion in Dalaran.

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