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The World of Warcraft user interface code that makes up the FrameXML interface can be viewed in it's source code form. The code can be obtained several ways, including directly by extracting files from the game code, using tools already in the game.

Viewing UI code by extracting game files Edit

  • The WoW game itself can export the user interface code and artwork files using in-game developer console commands, which are: 'exportInterfaceFiles code' (or 'exportInterfaceFiles art' for art). See Extracting interface files for detailed instructions.

Viewing UI code on the web Edit

  • The site keeps a database of all versions of FrameXML online. You can compare different versions to each other, view the contents of specific files (in a specific interface version), or just download the entire interface as it looked for a given version. Even test server versions are available.

Downloading Blizzard's Interface AddOn Kit Edit

Note: The WoW 'Interface AddOn Kit' is no longer updated by Blizzard, and has been replaced by extracting the game UI files locally from the game content. See Interface AddOn Kit and 'Green Post': Updated FrameXML Extraction for more information.

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