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This article is about Vanessa's character biography. For the character's appearance and fight strategies in the Deadmines instance, see Vanessa VanCleef (tactics).
Neutral 32Vanessa VanCleef
Vanessa VanCleef
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 20/ 87 (instance) Elite
Character class Rogue
Health  ??
Affiliation The Defias Brotherhood
Position Defias Brotherhood Kingpin
Location Westfall
Ironclad Cove, The Deadmines
Status Killable Alive?
Relative(s) Edwin (father), Farmer Saldean (foster father), Salma Saldean (foster mother),
Alignment Evil-aligned
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"Hope is a cruel joke, played upon us by a harsh and uncaring world. There is no Hope, there is only Vanessa."
Vanessa VanCleef

Vanessa VanCleef is the daughter of Edwin VanCleef. She was his successor as leader of the Defias Brotherhood. Edwin kept the existence of Vanessa hidden to most people, which served her greatly many years after his death. Following the death of her father, Vanessa was adopted by the Saldeans, who were unaware that she was the daughter of Edwin.

They named her Hope and parented her whilst watching her grow up over many years. Her new identity as Hope Saldean worked to her advantage, as it allowed her to keep her plot for revenge hidden, whilst also hiding the fact she was the daughter of one of the greatest criminals ever. Hope finally reveals herself as Vanessa VanCleed in Sentinel Hill, and it is further revealed that it is she who murdered the Furlbrow family at the Jansen Stead.

However, she states she took no pleasure in their death and informs Horatio Laine that her reason for committing the murder was to keep her true identity hidden.

Personality and lifestyleEdit

"I was never very good at hand-to-hand combat, you know! Not like my father. But I always excelled at poisons, especially venoms that affect the mind."

Unlike her father, Vanessa was not especially skilled in hand-to-hand combat. However, she shows an unprecedented talent for the use of poisons, especially venoms which can cause insanity, as players experience during the fight.

Vanessa also shows broad intellect and cunning. She is able to intricately plan her revenge on those who wronged her father.

It is questionable that Vanessa VanCleef is really dead in lore due to her statement that she wasn't skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as it is proven that Edwin show Vanessa VanCleef level of combat skill in the vision (mostly due to Blizzard's old lvl 10-20 Deadmines dungeon but as it was a vision we should of seen a better skilled Edwin so it's questionable that he's also dead), Vanessa shows Edwin VanCleef level of skill during her fight, and since Edwin was trained by Mathias Shaw, this leads to the question are the VanCleefs dead.

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WoW Pro Lore Episode 38 - The Defias Brotherhood03:19

WoW Pro Lore Episode 38 - The Defias Brotherhood

Vanessa VanCleef, leader of the Reborn Defias Brotherhood

The Story of the Defias Brotherhood Lore15:01

The Story of the Defias Brotherhood Lore

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