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Zabr is the God of Coilfang. He was born a Night Elf but as stated by Rormar, became "neither demon nor night elf, but something much more." He has no known relatives but had a very close relationship with a Draenei known as Korov. It is currently unknown what became of this priest but it can be assumed that he was destroyed by the wrath of Zabr. Once an unusually gifted Rogue, the extent of his powers became difficult to classify due to his powers increasing in large bursts through duels and arenas. The current extent of his powers is unimaginable.

His pursuit of power led him to commit a number of horrific acts against the people of Coilfang however despite this his followers grow in number by day. The two largest known cults whom both worship and fear Zabr are <Gods Army of Death> and <Gods Guards>. One of the most feared powers of Zabr is his power to make anyone burst into fits of rage at will. His current location is unknown but his presence is always felt.

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