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Neutral 32Ortinbras
Gender Male
Race [[race::undead lich]]
Character class Mage
Position Argent Dawn Spy, Thuzadin Cultist
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) None whatsoever.


Ortinbras is a Level 70 Undead Mage on the Sisters of Elune US Realm. He is a role play character who realm transferred from Cenarion Circle in late 2007, having only been level 58 and unguilded in the time of his transfer. While often seen farming dailies and in the battleground, it is clear to anyone Ortinbras meets that he is really a role player at heart.


Ortinbras' wears the ornate, complicated clothing typical to that of a Mage, but in appearance he is no normal Undead.

Like any of those formerly living, Ortinbras is substantially pale and lacks a pulse or the rosiness gifted by the presence of a beating heart and flowing blood. He is thin and bony, patches of his skin rotted away and showing unnourished muscle and bone within. His incisors are sharp and fanged unnaturally, and his finger bones are pointed like sharp claws, tinted and stained slightly red probably from constant exposure to the inside of living or once-living bodies. A constant chill emanates from his body, visible in the form of cold, frosty air descending into the ground and disappearing.

Nothing about Ortinbras is anything less than foreboding and suspicious, despite the facet of sincerity and harmless insanity he seems to put forth. In addition to his visible apparel, there are strange things to be found all over his body. On his skin there are new stitches and sewn-shut wounds that make one wonder what Ortinbras has done to himself in prior years. Additionally, there are chains dangling from his wrists and ankles, and in particular a scar running across each wrist and his neck. He is a grotesque and scarcely tolerable sight, clearly having been brutally mutilated.


One of the most enigmatic aspects of Ortinbras' being is his strangely varying persona and identity. It is clear that he has parted ways with most of his sanity long since, but there is something underneath that shows meditated and suspicious motives.

To most Ortinbras is an eccentric but sincere and friendly soul, seeking only to share his wisdom or a spot of joy with others. When cornered or inclined, however, his immensely malleable sense of tolerance will pass away and his rage will become so horrifying, a terrible demon could go pale in defeat. Even so, Ortinbras shows concern for others and proves to be more of a protagonist than one with intentions to harm without just cause.

Ortinbras once went under other surnames such as Cindersoul and Coldslumber, and the alias "Cahedron." However, his most recent one would be Metternich, one seeming authentic and stemming to a Blood Elf who, like Ortinbras, fell unprepared into Undeath. That Ortinbras is even a deceased and reanimated elf is a bit suspicious, to some, as only recently has this aspect of his appearance become active in the spotlight.

In Life

Ortinbras memory of his living days is shoddy at best, steadily returning to him in strange, inexplicable bursts. In life, he was a skilled Alchemist and Mage of exceptional repute in the magical civilization of Dalaran, and went under the very same name - Ortinbras Metternich.

It is unknown precisely who he is descended from directly, but he has relation to another Metternich, a man who in life was directly included in Quel'Thalas nobility. It is known however that his service in Dalaran yielded abundant alchemical and magical breakthroughs attributed to many of the arcane successes of the Sin'dorei today.

There are records of insanity prior to the Scourge's coming that resulted in Ortinbras' decommission. Talk of the Old Gods and a subconscious call disrupted his ability to function in the Dalaranian Research Institute. He took up residence in a tower in Stratholme and was later accused of being responsible for the Plague in the midst of Arthas' assault on the city. In a last ditch attempt to survive before being taken by the guards, Ortinbras set flame to many of the buildings in Stratholme using a highly flammable, arcane-imbued substance created via his own Alchemical genius. To this day the buildings of Stratholme burn as a testament to his fury and genius.

In Undeath

Ortinbras was reanimated by an unnamed Rogue Necromancer rather than by the Lich King or the Plague. This would viably explain why he has no sense of servitude to either the Lich King nor the Dark Lady, Sylvanas. However, in the years after his ressurection, Ortinbras served the Royal Apothecary Society and climbed the ranks with his alchemical genius, eventually being called the Master Apothecary by his peers. He is responsible for many breakthroughs including the creation of the first functioning 'female' abomination (an enigmatic feat in its own, still warranting much explanation.)

Ortinbras was granted the right to take a lengthy Sabbatical in honor of travel, self-development, and assisting the Horde in their battle against the Alliance and other forces. To their dismay, Ortinbras never returned, having gotten involved in the Silvermist Cartel and later a guild known as Soulbound. His return is still awaited, albeit by disgusted peers.

In Politics

While a combat Mage and an Apothecary in trade, Ortinbras has also delved into the world of Silvermoon City politics. On December 18, 2007, Ortinbras entered the race to take up one of the two open seats in the Silver Council of the Convocation of Quel'thalas. The only Undead in an entirely Sin'dorei election, Ortinbras managed to stun the Council and the people of the city when he won the popular vote of the commoners, and took up one of the two seats. Outrage and intrigue became abundant in the people and Council alike as, accompanied by roaring cheer and applause, he took up his place alongside the others of the Council.

He was received well by his peers, but tensions certainly weren't missing in the brew.

He was hailed as a courageous soul in the pursuing of Isithral Chandrael and Belinor Direbourne, and in offering his portalcraft transportation in aiding his allies in the pursuit. Although they were not captured, due to him the source of Isithral's escape was apparent and thus proper sentences (banishments) were carried out.

In time the tensions strengthened and opposition between him and his peers impeded his abilities to perform his works as 'Voice of the People.' When he could no longer take the pressure, he caved in to the stress and resigned his position, being the first member of the Convocation to willingly step down from a seat of power.

It was also later revealed that Ortinbras was, as chance would have it, not an elf or a noble at all, and had forged his background and his appearance via the works of connections and alchemy.

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