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Priest-undead-m-60 This user plays as an undead priest.
Trade fishing This user plays as a Fisherman.
Inv misc food 15 This user plays as a Cook.
Scryers Tabard This user's character joined the Scryers.
Achievement general This user has completed 10/54 general achievements.
Achievement quests completed 08 This user has completed 0/49 quest achievements.
Achievement zone easternkingdoms 01 This user has completed 2/70 exploration achievements.
Achievement pvp h 16 This user has completed 0/166 PvP achievements.
Spell shadow unholyfrenzy This user has completed 2/458 dungeon and raid achievements.
Trade alchemy This user has completed 0/75 profession achievements.
Achievement reputation 01 This user has completed 0/45 reputation achievements.
Achievement bg masterofallbgs This user has completed 4/141 world event achievements.
Inv helmet 66 This user has completed 0 Feats of Strength achievements.
Achievement quests completed 08 This user has completed 44 of the 3000 quests for the achievement.
Dragonblightc This user plays on the European Dragonblight server.

HordeNPC 32  Sahkrien
MtA Sahkrien
Talent SpecHoly
RealmDragonblight Europe

About Him Edit

MtA LeperSahkrien

Sahkrien, the Leper Priest

Sahkrien is my Forsaken Priest, he's level 60 and I honestly ain't using him much these days.
He completed very few Achievements, kuku~

16 April 2009 Edit

Name Slot
Inv helmet 51 Fireheart Skullcap of the Sorcerer Head
Inv jewelry necklace 11 Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night Neck
Inv shoulder 09 Fireheart Shoulderpads of the Invoker Shoulder
Inv misc cape 05 Celestial Cape of the Eagle Back
Inv chest cloth 39 Ceremonial Robes Chest
Inv shirt 01 Neophyte's Shirt Shirt
Inv shirt guildtabard 01 Guild Tabard Tabard
Inv bracer 10 Starfire Wristwraps of the Physician Wrist
Inv gauntlets 05 Outlander's Gloves of the Prophet Hands
Inv belt 15 Outlander's Girdle of the Physician Waist
Inv pants leather 19 Starfire Trousers of the Prophet Legs
Inv boots 07 Fireheart Boots of Shadow Protection Feet
Inv jewelry ring 36 Rubellite Ring of the Sorcerer Finger
Inv jewelry ring 33 Azurite Ring of the Sorcerer Finger
Inv jewelry talisman 07 Argent Dawn Commission Trinket
Ui-paperdoll-slot-trinket Empty Slot Trinket
Inv staff 13 The Staff of Twin Worlds Two-Hand Staff
Inv wand 07 Crystallized Ebony Wand of the Invoker Ranged

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