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September 13, 2009

Hello all on Wowwiki!!! It's Wild and more being well Wild, and more!!!


I have a grand total of 5 toons

  • Silverstrike is a subtlety specced night elf rogue
  • Lailyanos is an elemental combat specced draenei shaman
  • Azyllia is a feral specced night elf druid
  • Deathcrawler is a destruction specced undead warlock
  • Scarredbody is an unholy specced undead death knight

and that's it for now

The Real MeEdit

I enjoy swimming, WoW, reading, WoW, building, WoW, and reading about the history of WoW.

For FunEdit

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Now how would WoW grow without ideas from the people playing it? It wouldn't. Now here are some pages for peoples own thoughts on what could should or might be in WoW in the distant future (have to wait awhile for Cataclysm and then wait for expansions after that), There is just one rule: Don't put down anyone for their suggestion, everyone is allowed to think and develop opinions for themselves, they don't need to be bullied into thinking they are stupid.

Expansion PlotsEdit

These links are ideas for Expansions that I've had.

The Ancient Queen

Whispers of the Nightmare

The Elemental Storm

Weapons and Gear Edit

Weapons and Gear Ideas

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