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Name Edit

  • Keln Bloodaxe
  • Warbaine Bloodaxe

Description Edit

  • Stands at 8 1/2 feet tall
  • wears light platemail and a wolfshead helm.
  • has a affinity for 2 handed weapons preffereing large axe and swords over the smaller "weaker" weapons

Origins Edit

Keln woke to the sound of the waking drums as he always had. Each day the drums sounded a bit different. Opening the flap on his tent he listened to the elemental spirits the shaman had taught all the young ones about. Though only a few where chosen to be shaman. The knowledge of the spirits was essential for many of the tribes customs and rituals. Keln had never heard the elements speak but had many times seen the wonders they granted there chosen. As always Keln headed to the water tent to drink and wipe the hard dirt of the ground from his body. After ,however, instead of running the usual errands and services for the elders as he normally did. He went outside Markam’s ,the tribe’s shaman, tent. He patently sat down amid the dry dead grass. The sun by now was high above kalimndoor. It was the warm season and the earth itself seemed aflame. Rising from the earth with a grunt. He went to a nearby river to splash the cool water on his face. Upon returning the tent flap was open. This was a sure sign he was to go in. Awaiting him ,amidst runes and small bags and bowls some half filled with elemental essence, was the shaman. Clad in the skin of a ancient plains strider he was thin for his kind but strong bodied. While Keln knew this shaman was of only 45 seasons he still felt the eyes of his ancestors and the impression of great age and knowledge when he entered the room. Many thoughts floated on the surface of his mind as Keln awaited the ritual to start. With a muttered word from Markosh the room came alive with the fury of the elements and Keln awaited there voices. As always wind was the first to speak. With soft whispers and howling winds It showed him as a bird ,soaring through the skys of kalimndor, he saw all the surrounding plains near his village from the small river that ran just outside to the tall striders that wandered around flying closer to these the bird was snapped by there long necks and quick beaks into a meal and immediately Keln was drawn back into the tent. Almost immediately after the first vision he heard the voice of water. It cooled him and relaxed him as the vision came. He was a coursing stream winding through the plains and slowly grinding away at the earth. Flowing past a small den of wolves and there pups he wonder ed at there ferocity and losened his control of the the river. The river soon went out of his control and the wolfs where drowned flailing in him as they gasped for breath to gain a last few seconds of life. Soon he was back in the tent and once again he heard the elements. The fire burned in his mind and nurtured his rage. The vision came as sudden as the other two. He was fire destructive and devouring his heat seared the nearbye dry grass and experimentally he managed to burn a small patch. Too his horror the fire was growing to the limits of his control he quickly leashed it back in. Faced with a mix of rage and horror he burned. He breathed a sigh of relief as the vision to ended. Once again he was in the tent and once again a spirit spoke to him. It was earth Slow and rough. The vision was granted to him. He was the earth slowly moving the minutes seemed all to slow and desperately he tried to move faster. His recklessness very nearly crushed the drummakers tent when the vision left him. He sighed and ,hearing the howls and roars, he let the vision come upon him . He was a wolf hunting for his mate and pups back in the riverside den. he sunk low as a strider approached and ,with practiced precision, he leapt from the low grass onto a rocky outcropping to the striders back. With a screech the strider tried to throw him off, but his claws where sunk deep and he made it to the neck. Biting hard he strangled the tallstrider with his iron jaws, and ,when it fell, he took the meat. He half dragged half carried it back to his now flooded den and leaving the rest of the corpse to the scavengers. Halfway to the den the vision faded and in the tent he fell exhausted at the feet of Markam. Several hours later he awoke inside the great tent in front of his elders. With the shaman calmly announcing the results of the trials. Sitting up he was brought water and bread. He calmly waited for elders to speak.With a soft voice somehow loud enough for the entire tent to hear. He announced the results of his trials. Markam was as expected reckless but that would fade with training however he was not intentionally destructive though a dedicated fighter. So it was ,after a short conveyance of the council, they had decided his path. He was to become one of the many braves that defended the village with axe and arm. Keln was dismissed to Rakash the warriors tent to learn the basics of the warriors path. Upon arrival he was greeted by a thrown axe. he caught it with barely enough time to parry a overhead blow. Rakash laughed and said "atleast you know how to fight" this was followed by a series of parrys and blows though Keln blocked many. There where still quite a few bruises and cuts over his body. This continued for hours sometimes breaking for water as Rakash explained different blows and parrys and towards the end Rakash had more then one bruise or chipped horn to nurse. Keln very nearly fell face first to the floor of his tent. Exhausted he soon fell asleep. This day would repeat itself for 25 years until Keln had his first real battle. 25 years later Keln was standing sentry intently watching the jungle. He had just been declared a warrior and joined the ranks of defenders earlier that morning. He watched the forest to the north especially. This new camp was far to near the forest for his liking. Over the past year small raiding partys of thin tall creatures had attacked the camp. Though they looked very similar these creatures where not trolls and only attacked at night. As a precaution all the torches where lit and those with the warriors with the sharpest eyes where chosen to stand gaurd. Keln didnt know whether these eyes where a blessing or a curse. Just last week Rakash had been killed by 2 of the creatures and there mounts. Sharp fanged and swift the cat like creatures had devoured part of there livestock and many profits where lost because of stolen wares. Shaken from his rememberance by a slight movement in the forest he drew his axe and kneeled down among the tall grass. A loud horn was sounded and several of the creatures and there mounts burst from the forest and shot arrows towards the gaurds. A lone arrow found its way into Keln shoulder and he filled with rage at there cowardice as he snapped it off. Ignoring the pain he charged a rider knocking him off his mount. After a quick blow the attackers blood was staining the grass and he was getting slower with his shortsword. narrowly dodging the mounts attack as he finished the creature with a quick strike. He managed to cut the creatures legs as it attacked. The thing let out a roar and swiped a claw shaking Keln's chain vest and even causing a light scratch. With a struggled growl the creature pounced onto Keln. Rolling to the side keln threw his axe at the jumping creature nicking its underbelly and embedding itself in the ground far away. Keln grunted. The wound across his chest had been deeper then he thought and while the cat also had lost blood it could still fight. Rising up the cat painfully walked to the injured Keln. Midway to him the creatures was impaled by a large arrow and fell to the ground blood dripping from the wound as the things eyes dimmed. Extending a hand Barl the ,tribes hunter, lifted him up and dragged him to the shamans tent. Though the tauren cost many of the creatures there lives the remnants had managed to steal several of there wares. These raids would continue on and off for 30 years. After that things worse still came to kill the weakened bloodaxe tribe.

Keln woke for once this week of his own accord. The demons had ravaged the tribe time and time again. They had only been scouting parties though and Keln felt despair whenever he thought of the main host. After every attack several of the tribes hunters where sent out to follow the creatures and report to the tribe the size of there army. None ever returned. Keln rubbed his forehead as he sighed and stood up. Today was Warrash’s graduation. Like his father, Rakosh, before him he was a devoted warrior. Keln yawned as he neared the elder’s tent where the ceremony was to be held. Warrash ,of course, was already there and the elders had just finished blessing his battle armor.

Etching the symbol of the 4 primordial elements into the armor Keln lifted it off the stand and presented it to him. With barely contained joy Warrash accepted the armor. It was then that Keln unwrapped the cloth covered axe in his hands. It was ever sharp and the runes along the edge seemed to have been inscribed with rage and fire. Even the elders could not help but recognize the Bloodaxe. It was their tribe’s heritage and givan freely to the most promising of the young wariors. Just as Warrash took the axe with trembling hands a warning horn sounded. Rushing onto the field with disturbing enthusiasm Warrash charged at the demons. The battle was short as Keln and the other tauren joined in. Warrash and The Bloodaxe slew many,spearheading the attack. Within no time at all the demons lay dead on the floor and Warrash’s first battle had ended. Throughout the week the tribe feasted for there newest warrior. Until one of the hunters wandered into the halls ragged and bloody and his tale unfolded. He had gone searching for the demons and,following a stray felhound, found there army. A thousand strong of twisted aberrations and Malice filled warlocks marched toward there camp only a days ride behind the hunter. There was no rest for the village as the village as those who could not fight mounted there Kartosh and rode off to the Bloodhoof encampment to seek refuge and to warn them fo the invading army. The tribes shamans for the first time in 50 years took up arms and blessed the warriors.

Kar' Anoth smiled as the felgaurd informed him of the small encampment to the south. There scouting parties had been unsuccessful. If any of them had a sliver of luck they where dead now. Lord Archimonde doesn’t take kindly to failure. "We shall attack there next then" Kar' anoth ,favored of Achimonde, said with amusement. The earth was still the birds merely a mile to the north had gone silent 10 minutes ago. The attack would be soon. The winds howled The fires danced, The earth shook, and the Water foamed in anticipation. This is when trees withered and the felgaurd charged into the lines. The battle was fierce and though the tauren where physically superior the sheer numbers threatened to overwhelm them. As the last demon fell Kar' anoth walked into the open. Behind him was a vast army a thousand strong. The earth itself died where they walked water ran still,Noxious and putrefied, And the fire turned green with demonic energies. Then, The demons attacked. The battle was long and I don't care to explain it. Somewhere along the way Warrash raised the Blood axe , And as the demon was distracted setting fire the axe struck him true through his armor causing a long gash along his side. With fury and pain as he had not felt in years Kar' Anoth struck Warrash ,ending his existence. As the scene of Warrash played through his mind he remembered Markosh’s death. It had been the same as Warrash and a thousand others around Azeroth. With rage unbridled and swiftness unmatched. Keln picked up the Bloodaxe and struck down the Eredar.

Kar' Anoth smiled as the fool who had dared attack him was killed. Then a pain shot through him as the thick axe bit into his back. With vengeance in mind even as he gasped his final breath. He did one desperate final act. It is unknown even to elders how the Bloodaxe came to be but the axe, like all great weapons, Was alive and like all living things it was corruptable. So in a desperate attempt to survive he corrupted the axe and forced his will upon it. Safely hidden he cast a curse on Keln. Keln would be banished from this realm as long as the demon within the blade concentrated. Keln's experience with the shamans allowed him to continue viewing this world through the eyes of others until he was finally released.

Awakening Edit

Keln woke with a start. He had been viewing a wolf stalking one of the zhevra wandering the barrens, and ,much to his surprise, he landed on the cool grass as the wind howled around him. He was no longer merely a observer! His banishment ended he fell to the earth as these sensations overwhelmed him. he only remembered small pieces of his home and his mentor. even his name had been lost to the sands of time except for one word:Bloodaxe. the name of a tribe his tribe. He began standing up ,rubbing his head as the memorys flashed by, when he heard the grunts. A pack of Kartosh though they looked much different then the ones he remembered what astonished him most where there riders ,Tauren, and as his memories mercifully withdrew into the recesses of his mind. He was finally able to look at the newcomers. They where coming closer and a horn sounded as they neared him. As they approached what appeared to be there leader dismounted. He wa taller then the rest of his party but even he stood atleast 6 inches shorter than Keln. As he approached Kelns legs failed and he fell to the ground unconcious. Later in Narache Village Keln was tended too by the tribal shaman. As he regained conciousness Baine informed him on this strangenew world and its people. When he was done Keln asked many questions about the elves and the demons. As the sun set over the mountainside Keln finally asked what happened to the Bloodaxe tribe. Baine looked at him in his sickbed as if he was mad. Whether the bloodaxe tribe had been killed or had joined another tribe he did not know. Only that he was the last of his kind.Grief,Wonder, and hatred mixed, and as he lay on the bed, the slowly turned to resolve and fury. After helping the newly founded camp onto its feet in the weeks to come. He followed the fresh path towards Thunder Bluff to train as a warrior of wrath and to hunt the elves and demons who had decimated his home and banished him millenia ago.

Death Edit

Blood soaking into the thirsty ground of Hellfire Peninsula Keln looked up as the Pit Lord raised the huge Waraxe. As it began it's descent the moments leading up to this flashed before his eyes

He had lead his tribe against the demons of Hellfire citadel alongside the brave soldiers at the dark portal. Those of his tribe where no weak spirited grunts, Brave soldiers of the horde all of them, perhaps this crucial delay would spare them. The steps assaulted by the legion was drenched in the blood of the fallen and no sound was heard except the clash of steel and the screams of the fallen. With a resounding crack Keln Bloodaxe ceased to walk among the living.

As his spirit rose it was beckoned into the Bloodaxe, Keln being to weak to resist, and fell under the torments of the insidious Eredar, Kar' Anoth. Over time he would rally the spirits of the fallen and cleanse the bloodaxe to await the next hero of its lineage to take it up as his. But to all who knew him all that remained of Keln Blooadaxe was a shattered corpse and a scarred necklace.

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