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I'm Vger, a troll shaman on Azjol-Nerub (US). I also play a night elf druid and a blood elf deathknight.

I'm the author of several mods, sometimes under the name VgerAN (Vger-Azjol-Nerub). Check them out...

Pawn performs item value assessments to make it easy to decide which items are better than others. Pawn is for those who are hardcore about which equipment they wear.

Divisor shows you how much each item in a stack costs at the auction house. For example, if there were 5 motes of fire available for a 12g 50s buyout, Divisor would inform you that each mote of fire would cost you 2g 50s, and that 10 of them would cost you 25g.

Hear Kitty, designed for rogues and druids, plays soothing but distinct orchestral sounds when you gain and spend combo points.

Gyro: Get Your Raid On! lets you set up macros (lists of commands) to be run whenever you join or leave a raid, for convenience or laziness. You can, for example, enable raid UI mods only when you're actually in a raid, disabling them when you're done.

More details are available on my site,

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