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This article is a player character biography page for Epion of Blackhand US The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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AllianceNPC 32Epion James Striveheart
Humanmale nopic
Gender Male
Race(s) Human
Level 80
Character class Blademaster
Affiliation The Alliance, Knights of the Silverhand, The Keymasters (Former)
Position Blademaster, Knight
Location Stormwind
Status Presumed Dead
Relative(s) Mary Striveheart, Peter Striveheart (Parents), Kimberly Paxton Striveheart (Wife), Epion Paxton Striveheart (Son), Daumigar Gorefang (Honor Brother)

Introduction Edit

Epion James Striveheart was a Warrior of the Alliance, where evil stood, he battled it and struck it down. He fought for the good of his people. He had a troubled life, muddied with war and death. He fought in the first war, the second war in lordaeron and he fought in the war behind the fabled Dark Portal. He is an honored hero of the Alliance, a warrior under some of the greatest heroes; Anduin Lothar, Turalyon, Danath Trollbane and many, many more.


First war with the Orcs – Epion fought in the Armies of Stormwind to protect his young family. When the Stormwind’s armies had been cornered in the great walls of the city, Epion retreated from his rank in the military to be with his family and personally protect them.

Esarus thar no'Darador – When he realized what was going to happen to Stormwind he followed everyone who were fleeing to the boats sailing north to Lordaeron. His wife and daughter were slaughtered during the escape, Epion could only save his only son. An Orc by the name of Daume helped him escape.

Across the sea – Epion sailed on the boats to the north, to warn, to protect, and to help Lordaeron against the great Hordes of Orcs.

Landing on the south shore – When the Stormwind survivors lands on the south shores of Lordaeron a few chosen, who knew King Terenas, were sent to contact and warn him of the looming threat. Epion cared for his son, who was rightfully named Epion Paxton Striveheart.

Half of the needed training – Epion joined the Knights of the Silver hand in order to best serve his people, But he had so much grief after see his daughter and wife die by the hands of the Orcs, his rage fueled his fighting prowess, But it blinded him to the Light, making it impossible to sense it or for him to wield it. He became a combat and fighting genius. But remained woefully ignorant to the Light and its powers.

Joined the Alliance- After his training he joined the Alliance of Lordaeron to fight off the incoming hordes who would not display any mercy upon the people of Lordaeron.

Fought off the Horde at the beach- Fought in the front lines when the Horde first arrived on the shores of Lordaeron.

Pursued after the Horde to the north- Epion was in the group that pursued to the Orc after the First battle.

Pursued after the Horde to Blackrock- Followed the Orcs to Blackrock Mountain where he witnessed the Death of his General and Lord.

Push to the Dark Portal – His anger against the Orcs’ brutality and hatred for the Orc who struck down his Lord, Auduin Lothar, pushed him to follow the Orcs to the Dark portal. To finish them!

Rebuilding – Epion set to work for the Stonemasons, rebuilding Stormwind, But when the Stormwind nobles did not pay them, Epion did not take it to the extreme as the newly formed Defias Brotherhood did. Epion quickly separated himself from them and sought to make money through other means.

Déjà vu at the Portal – Epion was in Goldshire, doing his normal routine when it first opened, but he was one of the first to respond to the call to arms and followed his new leader to battle.

Under Trollbane’s Command – Epion was under Danath Trollbane’s command; the group of men was the first to confront the powerful hordes who ambushed them by spreading darkness throughout the blastedlands.

Beyond the Dark Portal – Epion boldly and without question followed Kadgar, Danath, Turalyon, and Alleria, threw the dark portal to save his People.

Appearance Edit

Epion had been an aged man for quite a while it seemed, his muscle and strength had never failed him before despite his age, but the fight at the shipwreck had taken its toll on him. His face was lined with wrinkles and scars and he only had his right eye to peer out of. His hair was now receding, giving way to baldness at the top, but where it did grow it grew long and thick gray hair. His face always radiated wisdom and heart-felt care as he viewed you... [LotB]

Striver's Heart Edit

The Striver's Heart is a timeless family heirloom that has passed from father to son for generations. The sword's material is unknown but it is extremely well made, regardless. It is a hand-and-a-half weapon. Its present status is currently unknown, but it was last seen in the hands of Epion's, the father's, hands, broken and tarnished.

This legendary sword is mentions in the "Last of the Bloodline".

Information Edit

Epion's fighting style comes from many sources, some are: Knights of the Silver Hand, the Wildhammer Dwarves, and the Orcs. And all of these cater to his usage of a hand-and-a-half sword.

Male Lineage Edit

Ascending from the youngest:

IconSmall Human Male Epion Paxton Striveheart II

IconSmall Human Male Epion James Striveheart

IconSmall Human Male Peter Striveheart

IconSmall Human Male Apolyon Striveheart

IconSmall Human Male James Striveheart

IconSmall Human Male Epion I. Striveheart

IconSmall Human Male Epion Patrick Striveheart

IconSmall Human Male John Striveheart

IconSmall Human Male Epion Paxton Striveheart

Quotes Edit

"Vengeance is not a path that treats those who tread upon it kindly.

Arthas; he sought vengeance, now he is the embodiment of what he fought so zealously against.

I implore you, do not allow yourself to stray onto this path, only misery and woe away you are the end."

"I'm at home where there's vile scourge skulls to crush and necromancer's frail forms to smash."

"I have not the faith nor the power to wield the light to strengthen and bolster those around me; it is by caring gesture, comforting word and strong arm am I to do such."

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