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Valien Lightwhipser is a former Death Knight and surrogate soldier of The Silver Hand. The blood that runs through his veins is not Sin'dorei, but a mixture of High Elf and Human. Once proud of his Human blood, Valien now hates that part of himself, viewing it as weak and easily corrupted by selfish feelings. He rarely tells anyone of his bloodline. He speaks of fighting in Icecrown among his brothers of the Ebon Blade to strike back at Arthas who had taken his life in his fit of revenge.

Background InformationEdit

Valien was born in Strahnbrad, a small town south of Andorhal. His father was a High Elf sorcerer of Lordaeron, but his mother was a simple human woman who raised Valien while his father fought to serve. Valien got to see his father a couple times a year, and every time he did, he got more excited to grow up to be just like him. He loved the tales his father would tell him and, with the help of a few villagers, started to train himself in the ways of battle.

As the years passed, Valien's mother birthed his brother and eldest sister. However, she passed away on the birth of the third. His father couldn't bear it. A few weeks after the birth of his third child, Valien's father fled the town and never returned. A young Valien was responsible for raising his siblings from then on. Though, unlike his father, his never held his mother's death at his youngest sister's fault. He loved her just the same.

Valien soon became well known around his town for his strong character and helpful demeanor. He always offered to assist those around him with whatever they needed for a small fee. He had to feed and raise his siblings after all. The young elf also had a fascination with books, usually reading whatever he could get his hands on from cookbooks to novels. He always said he was proud of his never ending hunger for knowledge.

Meeting ArthasEdit

Arthas dark

Prior to the Third War, there had been an encampment of Blackrock Orcs planning to attack his town. His brother had rushed to him to tell him of the Orc sightings by the people. Valien told his brother to take his sisters and hide in the basement while he went outside to help fight. He had been warding off an Orc when he heard the battle cry of Prince Arthas. Fighting alongside Arthas and the Knights of the Silver Hand, Valien aided is a triumphant victory at Strahnbrad. He pleaded Arthas to let him travel with them, secretly hoping he would find his father if he did and Arthas obliged. Valien recounts now: "Oh, how I regret ever choosing to do that."

Before he left with Arthas and his band, Valien had told his siblings to seek refuge in Stratholme, thinking it would keep them safe from danger. He aided in the pursuit of Kel'Thazud and came out of many battles in good condition. But when he heard Arthas and Jaina speak of tainted grain, he began to worry. The tainted grain that had be distributed amongst the town they were in, turned the villagers into monstrosities. Valien could only think of his siblings and if Stratholme was safe. After the defeat of Kel'Thazud and the burning of the granary, he heard Arthas say they were too late. The grain had already been shipped. That's when Valien's rage began to boil deep in the pits of his stomach.

He knew what would come next. He would find his siblings in Stratholme as servants to Mal'Ganis. As monstrosities. He wasn't sure he even had a heart to bear such a sight. But in the back of his mind, he knew that it was to come.

The Culling and NorthrendEdit

Old Strat SB

"We must purge the city!" Arthas' words forever ring in his mind. Uther and Jaina wanted nothing of it and walked away, and today, Valien regrets not walking with them. He followed Arthas and aided in the Culling of Stratholme. However, he spent his whole time searching Stratholme for his siblings, hoping they were alright and not infected. He certainly wasn't prepared for what he found.

Another soldier had gotten to the house and slain all those in it, and on the top flood, in the corner of the bedroom, he found his brother and sisters curled up in a corner dead. The last of his kin was gone and he was the only one left. The boiling rage erupted in him and he followed Arthas to Northrend to get revenge on Mal'Ganis. However, once up there, Arthas' tactics began to make him wonder. "I watched as Arthas burned the ships and lied to his men to keep them up there. I watched as he left us to fight off the Undead as he ventured to find Frostmourne. I saw the selfish gleam in his eye when he spoke of Muradin's death as if it meant nothing. And then I realized, it was Arthas I should have been hating."

Valien died up in Northrend after an undead overpowered him and took his eye. The last words he uttered before he let go were, "Damn you, Arthas. I shall have my revenge." Valien was the last of his kin, and was buried in the snow - betrayed and forgotten by Arthas. However, that would not be the last time he walked.

Serving the HordeEdit

Icon Horde

After he broke free from Arthas' corruption, Valien broke off from the Alliance, forever hating the humans and their easily corrupted souls. Greed and lust for power were a Human's worst enemy. He ventured to Silvermoon, taking refuge amongst the Sin'dorei, not speaking to anyone about his bloodline publicly. He got enough prejudice as a former servant of Arthas, he did not need any further judgment on his blood.

He is currently working in Hellfire Peninsula for Thrallmar in order to train to get ready to venture back up to Northrend and fight alongside his brethren in Icecrown. He looks to anyone willing to help him, to teach and train him to be able to fight the horrors of the North. Not only is Arthas one he seeks revenge on, but the humans as well. His hatred for them extends past any other. They killed his siblings. And what was worse, is he was one of them. Though, he so far passes as Sin'dorei well enough.


I’ll never forget the day I met King Arthas. I had been living in Strahnbrad with me three younger siblings when the Orcs attacked our village. I had them seek refuge in our home while I fought to ward off the attack. Then I heard his voice call, “To arms, my brothers!” I could not believe it. I doubted it could be the Prince, yet it was. I fought beside him, told him that the blood that coursed through my veins was both High Elves and Human. He met me with gratefulness and allowed me to venture with him.

Oh, how I regret ever choosing to do that.

I had told my siblings to seek refuse in Stratholme before I left. It seems I made a lot of mistakes back then. I ventured with Arthas, aided in the defeat of the Necromancer, Kel’Thuzad. Then the day of the Culling of Stratholme came. Arthas fought Uther, telling us that these people had been infected and needed to be purged. All I could think about were my siblings: my youngest sister’s face. My heart sank to my stomach. Uther said he wanted no part in it, nor Jaina. I should have left with them, but I didn’t. I ventured into Stratholme.

I called out to my brother and sisters, but they never came. I was not concerned with Mal’Ganis or any of the people. I was only concerned for my siblings. Then… I found them. Dead. They were curled up in the corner of a house. I became like Arthas, consumed with rage, except I was angry at all the wrong people. I should have been mad at Arthas, but I, like him, wanted to pursue Mal’Ganis.

I followed him to Northrend, but I was not used to the cold. I watched as he burned ships and lied to his men. I watched as Arthas was consumed by his revenge. While fighting off undead, Arthas returned from the Gate without Muradin, and he did not seem at all phased. However, before I could take the time to think of it further, I found myself caught off guard and thrown like a ragdoll into the snow. The claw of the creature that threw me sliced down my face, claiming the functionality of my eye and leaving an ugly mark. I died that day.

Under no control of my own, I served as a pawn in Arthas’ crude game of chess. But when I finally broke free of his corruption, I broke off from the Humans and the Alliance. They betrayed me. They killed my siblings, and took my life. They sullied my body. I hated the human blood that mixed in my veins. But I swear on my life, I will forever aid the Horde if they will accept me and will fight for them. They are not the beasts, they are the warriors and I am honored to fight alongside them.

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