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Past CharactersEdit

From the Midwest US, I originally rolled on the Alleria (US) server in order to play with my real life friends on Alliance. My first character was a Night Elf Rogue named Abdiel. I stopped playing Abdiel in his late 20s in order to re-roll as a Night Elf Druid. Celwyn was the name of my original Druid character and I played her all the way to 60. She was Feral Combat specialized while leveling but respec'd Restoration in order to be a healer for our guild, Realm Raider, a casual guild. However, I quickly became frustrated that I could never find a good tank, so I re-rolled (once again) as a Warrior.

My first attempt at a Warrior, Krayger, leveled as a tank. I ran multiple dungeons and eventually reached 60. Not long after reaching 60, my guild went through a leadership change, we toyed with the idea of going into Zul'gurub, but nothing ever came of it more than half-hearted attempts. I was able to go to Molten Core, once, on my Warrior and I decided that I wanted to become a true raider. About that time, my brother invited me to reroll on his server: Icecrown (US).

Character HistoryEdit

My first attempt at a character on Icecrown was a Troll Priest whom I gave the unoriginal name, "Krayger." He made it to level 37 as a Shadow Priest before I decided that I missed playing a Warrior and wanted to go back to it. Krayger (the Priest) and the new warrior, Vaerik, were both members of the guild "DT". "DT" was a "feeder guild" for the raiding guild, Dark Talisman, designed for leveling characters who would eventually join the ranks of <Dark Talisman> as full-time raiders. Joining DT, however, was not a free trip into Dark Talisman. You still had to apply once you reached the appropriate level and had completed the appropriate dungeon attunements. Regardless, I joined Dark Talisman, full-time, in January of 2006.

In March or April of 2006, I convinced my wife to play WoW. She rolled an Undead Rogue named Elinore, and quickly leveled to 60. Elinore joined Dark Talisman in the summer of 2006 and went on the occasional raid, but was not a full-time raider.

From January of 2006 until October of 2006, I was in Dark Talisman as a full-time raider. I maintained an 80% attendance rate to guild raids, contributed positively to the guild's successes and the guild atmosphere and enjoyed raiding with them. However, in the fall of 2006, starting in September, I was becoming dissatisfied with the way my Warcraft experience was going. I decided I did not want to be a hardcore raider anymore. It wasn't too difficult to me, I just didn't enjoy having to work such an extraordinary amount in order to raid with my guild-mates. Elinore and I left Dark Talisman on good terms with the leadership and members and struck off on our own at the end of October.

In November of 2006, Elinore and I decided to apply to The Tainted, a more relaxed raiding guild that contained a few of our real life friends. We were accepted as Trial Members at the end of November and became Full Members in mid-December. We have been in The Tainted ever since.

Alternate CharactersEdit

When Blizzard opened paid-character transfers, I moved my Alliance characters from Alleria to Icecrown to be with my other characters. I didn't play on Alleria anymore and decided I wanted my characters concentrated in one place. In hindsight, I should have only moved a few of them, but que sera. As it stands now, I have a number of characters on Icecrown and my Character Creation button has disappeared due to my number of characters. Notable alternate characters on Iceccrown:

  • Vox - 70 Female Blood Elf Priest (Healer Spec)
  • Viva - 70 Female Orc Hunter (Beast Mastery Spec)
  • Vivyana - Female Blood Elf Paladin (Work in Progress, currently Retribution Spec)
  • Shyfter - Male Tauren Druid (Feral Combat Spec)
  • Celwyn - Female Undead Warlock (Affliction Spec - Went Demonology currently, waiting to return to Affliction)

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