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Hi All

An idea that i came up with by myself as i slew hundreds of scarlet crusaders in the instance knonw as Scarlet Monastery. The moment it came in to my head i had it, scrap the old ideas there obviuos i said and went straight into this.

All words highlighted in bold and italic, like these, have a link at bottom of page..

Basic SynopsisEdit

The 4th War is based upon the beginning of the 4th War between the Burning Legion and the people of Azeroth, started by the return of Mal'Ganis in the form of the now posessed Emporer Westwind, as leader of the Scarlet Onslaught once the Scarlet Crusade but in my expansion idea called the Blood Empire, intending to use them to destroy the defenses of Azeroth and prepare for the final invasion of The Burning Legion.

You can always find out much more at - User:Tusior/Records of the Fourth War

Basic Specifics Edit

  • Related areas: Risen Circle, Ruins of Atra'Uru, Risen Marshes, Pyranovor Island, Pyranovor Forest, Emporers Shores, Grand Temple of Tarente, Blood Plains.
  • Possible new hero classes: Blood Scout, Oath Taker, Scarlet Marine.
  • New Friendly Factions: Scarlet Hand, Truth Seekers.
  • Related opposing forces: Emporer Westwind and his Blood Empire, Tantiquiteen and his Water Demons, Troll Lord Drakurin and his Aqua Troll tribe The Sequenin, Queen Azshara, Naga.
  • Possible extra stuff: Combat Mounts so u can attack while mounted, higher max level, new instances such as Westwind Keep, new form for druids Sharske/Shark Based Creature.

So if u have any more ideas which i can use plz discuss on my talk page my page is User:Tusior


Emporer Westwind - User:Tusior/Emporer Westwind

Blood Empire - User:Tusior/Blood Empire

Risen Circle - User:Tusior/Risen Circle

Ruins of Atra'Uru - User:Tusior/Ruins of Atra'Uru

Risen Marshes - Use:Tusior/Risen Marshes

Pyranovor Island - User:Tusior/Pyranovor Island

Emporers Shores - User:Tusior/Emporers Shores

Blood Scout - User:Tusior/Blood Scout

Grand Temple of Tarente - User:Tusior/Grand Temple of Tarente

Blood Plains - User:Tusior/Blood Plains

Tantiquiteen - User:Tusior/Tantiquiteen

Drakurin - User:Tusior/Drakurin

Aqua Troll - User:Tusior/Aqua Troll

The Sequenin - User:Tusior/The Sequenin

Combat Mounts - User:Tusior/Combat Mounts

Westwind Keep - User:Tusior/Westwind Keep

Sharske - User:Tusior/Sharske

Scarlet Hand - User:Tusior/Scarlet Hand

Halls of Exorcism - User:Tusior/Halls of Exorcism

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