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The Blood Empire. The most recent creation of Mal'Ganis and the main opposition players will face in my expansion idea. The Blood Empire is basicly an empire dedeicated to the clensing of Azeroth from all other races including the Horde and the Alliance. However what people must remember is that they are only following that course because they are being decieved.


The Blood Empire is created by the Dreadlord Mal'Ganis from the remnants of the Scarlet Crusade and Scarlet Onslaught. They are created after the battle between Mal'Ganis in his disguise as Emporer Westwind, as he is now known, and Tirion Fordring. They are the new tool of the Burning Legion to launch there 4th invasion of Azeroth and the begining of The 4th War or as records say the Blood War. Like the Orcs in the second invasion the Legion uses the new Empire to prepare for their arrival. Although in my expansion idea they have not actualy made arrival upon the playable world.


The Blood Empire is spread mainly accross the new islands of the Risen Circle. They can also be found in Northrend as the Scarlet Onslaught and in The Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor as the Scarlet Crusade. Even though they are only seen as the Empire mainly in the Risen Circle they are also seen as the Empire in the new Caverns of Times instance i have designed for my expansion; the Halls of Exorcism.


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