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Title<The Hunter>
AffiliationThe Argent Crusade, Stormwind, Cenarion Circle, Darnassus, The Alliance, Booty Bay, The Earthen Ring, The Guardians of Hyjal
Level85 Elite
RaceHuman (Humanoid)
Talent SpecMarksmanship
ProfessionsMining and Engenieering
GuildDarkness of Dishonor
StatusAlive (killable)

Tryto Arrowhead, mostly known as Trytokill, is one of the adventurers of the Alliance and a highly skilled hunter who travels around Azeroth to fight the evil that is unleast by Deathwing his Cataclysm. She is one of the Alliance SI:7 agents who battle agains the Twillights Hammer and Forsaken High Command, also one of the SI:7 most skilled engnieers and assasins.

History Edit

The Second War

Tryto Arrowhead is born on a small farm in Lordaeron. When the Second War started raging on in the Hillsbrand Foothills, her father was sent to the battlefield to fight the incoming Horde, but befor he left his wife Kath'leen and his daughter, he gave the young Tryto Arrowhead a tame wolf called Wolfie, who became great friends with Tryto. As he left, her mother started studying her magics again to defend Dalaran if the war would rage on and reach the city.

A couple of months later, Tryto and her mother got the terrible message that her father died on the fields. This gave Tryto a terrible hate agains the orcs. Not long after, they flet to their second farm nearby the city of Dalaran, where her mother continued studying her magics. Here Tryto met Helena Bowfury and Baradin Hammerbreaker, from who she learned the ways of a hunter.

The Siege of Dalaran

Years later, after the Second War, Lordaeron became overwelmed with the Plague. Wich formed the horrible Scourge. Tryto, 14 years old at this moment, did want to take place in the defences of Dalaran. But her mentor disagreed cause of her weak skills. Instead they decided to hidd back in the city of Dalaran. Here she learned the skills of engenieering from her teacher Timofey Oshenko in her spare time.

Just returned from Quel'Thalas, the crown prince of Lordaeron, raided the city of Dalaran to obtain the Book of Medivh to summon the demonlord Archimonde to the world. He succeeded summoning this Dark Lord, who afterwards destroyed Dalaran, and left the people to die.

While Dalaran collapsed and great pieces of the magical towers fell down , Tryto Arrowhead, her mother and her pet Wolfie flet away into the sewers together with Helena Bowfury and Buradin Hammerbreaker. There they got assaulted by a group of rampaging Ghouls who heavenly wounded Tryto's mentor Helena Bowfury, Helena gave Tryto her bow 'Wild Fury' and told her to leave Dalaran. After an hour of walking they found an group of mages who were assaulted by a Lich and his minions, Tryto decided to help them and shot the Lich down with a single blow, the mages were greatfull and opened a portal for them to Stormwind City.


Once in Stormwind, they bought a new farm from an old man and started a calm life in Elwynn Forest. Tryto improved her hunter skills and trained Wolfie to a great battle Wolf. Now 18, she decided to help the villages around Stormwind against the Dafias Brotherhood. The bandits were an easy pray for the high-skilled marksman. So she, and some agents of the SI:7, deafeated Edwin VanCleef in the Deadmines. The SI:7, overwelmed by the skills of Tryto Arrowhead, granted her an offer to join there organisation, she agreed.


Her skills improved, and after a short time, she was sent to keep an eye out on the Forsaken High Command. This had eventually no succes. After that failed mission that she was mainly sent to small diplomatic and spying missions, and her skills of engenieering came in handy to create bombs and sniper rifles for the organisation. But ones the Dark Portal had been reopened, she was chosen to to assasinate some officers of Thrallmar. This mission however succeeded and she was sent on killing missions more common. Her kills were always very cold bloody and very precisely done, and that gave her the commenly known nickname 'Trytokill'. She was also a key person in retrieving battle plans from Illidan and Keal'thas there forces. After Keal'thas and Illidan being deafeated, the icey howls from Northerend called the SI:7 to intrest, and Tryto Arrowhead was sent there on a mission wich louded; 'using highly volatile bombs, blowing up Taunka'le Village to stop further Horde reinforcements to reach Dragonblight'. Tryto, knowing of the high villian population, refused to plant the bombs, and she was eventually fired from the organisation.

A long adventure Edit

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