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Important Addons Edit

Commands Edit

  • sticky /o
/script ChatTypeInfo["OFFICER"]={sticky=1};
  • save combat text (saved in C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Logs)
  • change combat log range (using SW_Stats addon):
/script SW_SetRangeHuge();
/script SW_SetRangeNormal();
  • macro by rouncy for weapon imbues
Advanced Macros to the rescue!!!

/castsequence [nomodifier:shift] Windfury Weapon, Flametongue Weapon
/stopmacro [nomodifier:shift]
/script CancelItemTempEnchantment(1)
/script CancelItemTempEnchantment(2)

Hold Shift to strip current weapon buffs and then click it twice to apply Windfury to mainhand and then Flametongue to offhand.

Or do what I did and set it to 2 keys (worked better for me since I use G Keys for mine and holding shift with them is awkward).

One with
/script CancelItemTempEnchantment(1)
/script CancelItemTempEnchantment(2)
(which will strip off any current weapon buffs - should work for Rogues too btw)

Other with
/castsequence Windfury Weapon, Flametongue Weapon

Then stick them on keys way out of the way like "pageup" and "pagedown". Click one and then Click the second one twice (I used 2 G Keys for mine so really easy to do at any moment). 

Notes Edit

Shadow Resist Notes Edit

  • neck (+40 -141) + buff (+70) = 110 resist
  • add cloak (1 HoD) = 150
  • add enchant = 165
  • add bracers (1 HoD +40 -130) = 205
  • add boots (2 HoD +54 -182) = 259
  • add waist (2 HoD +54 -203) = 313
  • add legs (3 HoD +72 -198) = 385

Other sources of shadow resist

  • Green Ring = 19 (-115)
  • Green Shield = 19 (-146)
  • Flask of Chromatic Wonder = 35 (-96)
  • Lower City Glyph = 20
  • Argent Dawn Shadow Guard (leg or head) = 10
  • Shadow armor kit (leg, hands, boots, chest) = 8

so: neck + cloak + enchant + bracers + boots + legs + flask +buff = 366

Resistance to Damage reduction (or binary spell miss chance)

  • 110 = 23% resist
  • 150 = 31% resist
  • 165 = 34% resist
  • 205 = 42% resist
  • 259 = 53% resist
  • 313 = 64% resist
  • 385 = 75% resist (365 cap)

Heroic Panamonius with a Paladin Tank Edit

6/16 04:36:12.468  Paladin Tank gains 281 Mana from Paladin Tank's Spiritual Attunement.
6/16 04:36:12.468  Paladin Tank gains 1 extra attack through Reckoning.
6/16 04:36:12.468  Paladin Tank hits Pandemonius for 102.
6/16 04:36:12.468  Paladin Tank crits Pandemonius for 172.
6/16 04:36:12.859  Reckoning fades from Paladin Tank.
6/16 04:36:12.875  Paladin Tank's Seal of Righteousness hits Pandemonius for 100 Holy damage.
6/16 04:36:12.875  Paladin Tank's Seal of Righteousness hits Pandemonius for 100 Holy damage.
6/16 04:36:12.875  Pandemonius hits Paladin Tank for 3106 Shadow damage.
6/16 04:36:13.234  Paladin Tank gains Ancestral Fortitude.
6/16 04:36:13.250  Pandemonius reflects 1354 Shadow damage to Paladin Tank.
6/16 04:36:13.250  Pandemonius reflects 1354 Shadow damage to Paladin Tank.
6/16 04:36:13.250  Pandemonius reflects 1354 Shadow damage to Paladin Tank.
6/16 04:36:13.250  Pandemonius reflects 1354 Shadow damage to Paladin Tank.
6/16 04:36:13.750  Paladin Tank dies.

Lesson is, Reckoning + Seal of Righteousness + Dark Shield == Loss. Will try again with littlewigs addon to help tank stop attacking, and more shadow resist gear.

Moroes NotesEdit

  • Shaman can dispel blind with poison cleanse.
  • First stage focus on healing tank. Priest is busy shackling.
  • In final stage try to have everyone but tank stand together to benefit from chain heal, and have priest take over healing main tank.

Maiden NotesEdit

  • Grounding totem absorbs holy fire. An alert shaman in each group can sink all the holy fire.

Netherspite NotesEdit

  • Buff lasts 10 seconds out of the beam
  • Have tanks switch green and red
  • Healers use green to fill up mana only. Step in for 5 seconds, step out for 5 seconds, until your mana is full
  • Looks like the spit is 30 yard range. Tank Netherspite by the door, and run to the telescope during the ethereal phase.

Illhoof NotesEdit

  • Add Sacrifice debuf to grid add-on (yellow square at every corner)
  • Start healing the sacrificed party member with Lesser Healing Wave, adjust to Healing Wave when other healers have caught on.
  • When there are a lot of imps, use Fire Elemental Totem, just make sure someone is tanking the bosses well enough. Perhaps right before Kil'rek dies.

Prince Malchezaar NotesEdit

  • Biggest challenge for Healer is the burst damage Prince Malchezaar can dish out. If the tank isn't properly mitigating damage, or the healers are too slow you have a good chance of dying. Phase 2 is the hardest section for this as the axe's are eating up shield blocks. If you make it to phase 3 you just have to be careful to still watch the tank while also healing the raid.

Case StudyEdit

  • Shield block wasn't used for 10 seconds (the first 3 entries just shows the shield block procs)
  • Only one "big" heal during the crush fest. looks like the priest might have had a greater heal coming, I had a big healing way coming too... perhaps flash heals might be better.
6/23 02:54:21.781  Tank gains Shield Block.
6/23 02:54:23.406  Prince Malchezaar hits Tank for 1925. (241 blocked)
6/23 02:54:26.140  Prince Malchezaar hits Tank for 2040. (241 blocked)
6/23 02:54:28.156  Prince Malchezaar hits Tank for 7011. (crushing)
6/23 02:54:28.328  Tank crits Prince Malchezaar for 364.
6/23 02:54:28.921  Prince Malchezaar attacks. Tank parries.
6/23 02:54:28.921  Prince Malchezaar Tank Iroek.
6/23 02:54:28.921  Tank gains 668 health from Priest's Renew.
6/23 02:54:28.937  Tank's Earth Shield heals Tank for 643.
6/23 02:54:28.937  Tank's Thunder Clap hits Prince Malchezaar for 145.
6/23 02:54:29.812  Prince Malchezaar hits Tank for 6599. (crushing)
6/23 02:54:29.812  Tank gains 201 health from Buhlazed's Lifebloom.
6/23 02:54:29.828  Nature's Swiftness fades from you.
6/23 02:54:29.843  Your Healing Wave heals Tank for 3889.
6/23 02:54:30.156  Tank gains Healing Way.
6/23 02:54:30.328  Prince Malchezaar attacks. Tank parries.
6/23 02:54:30.734  Tank gains 201 health from Druid's Lifebloom.
6/23 02:54:31.156  Tank's Demoralizing Shout was resisted by Prince Malchezaar.
6/23 02:54:31.156  Prince Malchezaar hits Tank for 7086. (crushing)
6/23 02:54:31.765  You fail to cast Healing Wave: Your target is dead.
6/23 02:54:31.781  Tank dies.

Nightbane NotesEdit

  • People need to stand near the wall, not in the center of the walkway. That way there is more available space to avoid charred earth.
  • Back up between heals to make sure you are out of range of the fear, but don't back into charred earth.
  • Use tremor totem, because sometimes you just can't avoid the fear.
  • Flight stage is most dangerous. Healer with best survivability should try to heal most.

General NotesEdit

  • If Earth Shield is helping keep the tank up. don't forget to refresh it, or he'll drop like a rock, as the healers will be surprised by the change.

Kael'thas notesEdit

  • Need conflag tank or Capernian will creep towards her tank.
  • Melee doesn't want to hit shield (from the front), does too much damage
  • Kill mace early to allow healers to get in position for phase 3
  • Add "Infernal Protection" and "Mental Protection Field" to Grid so Issues are noticed early
  • Make sure to heal Kael'thas tank during phase 4 to phase 5 transition to keep mace buff up (or use shield)
  • Fire elemental does good damage in phase 2
  • Don't stand near the door. Fears can put you through the barrier, but you can't get back.
  • Melee dps is hurt by Sanguinar's fear: have melee on Engineer first in phase 3, have melee and ranged together for Sanguinar.
05: No heals for Cap tank. Lots of deaths to Thaladred, Capernian wiped raid.
    (2/4 phase 3) (99% phase 4)
06: No heals for Eng tank or Cap tank, Several people died to Thaladred. Loose 
    advisors wipe raid. (7/7 phase 2) (0/4 phase 3)
07: No heals for Cap tank at transition, Several people died to Thaladred. Kael'thas 
    wiped raid (2/4 phase 3) (99% phase 4) 
08: No heals for Cap tank, Capernian wipes raid (7/7 phase 2) (0/4 phase 3) -- mace 
    died in a strange spot
09: Cap tank got heals at transition! A few tank deaths (Cap and Eng) left
    us with 8 dead when Kael tank died due to healer MC.  Kael'thas then wiped the rest
    of the raid. (3/4 phase 3) (Kael'thas 99% phase 4) -- first time with 2 healers on 
    Cap tank, first time with extra dps on mace.
10: Cap tank turned into a pumpkin... looks like Cap tank lost Capernian aggro to 
    Sang tank (D/C?), Sang tank died, and  Sanguinar/Capernian wiped raid (7/7 phase 2) 
    (0/4 phase 3)

Biggest lessons for phase 3:
Kill mace early, and healers/tanks in position is key. 
Don't die to Thaladred.

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