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hi my name is Toadem i play a lvl 70 troll hunter i have a strong intrest in lore my favourite races are: trolls, pandaren,blood elves and naga i hate gnomes, night elves and draenei i have had one expansion idea so far User:Toadem/Into Darkness

Toadem User:Toadem/Exodus of Sin Tendarivan Shaurth my favourite characters are:

the characters i HATE! are:

my favourite dungeons are:

My Favourite Pictures Edit

The Great Sea Twopandaren Illidan AnimFurbolgpandaDark TrollTuskarrNetherdragonInfernal AnimPitlord AnimWc3KnightHunter Troll Subspecies91-NeptulonZul gurub ss2

Toadem - Rising Sun

The Rising sun

Toadem - STV

stv beach



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