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The Maelstrom was created when the Well of Eternity collapsed.

The maelstrom is a giant rift located in the center of Azeroth and is seemingly never ending


If the Maelstrom was to suddenly stop due to trembeling of the land or a part of the world getting destroyed then the insides of the maelstrom and the surrounding islands would get blasted by the force of the maelstrom and would push the islands southwards.

There would then be alot of islands that would join togetehr with the isle of Kezan and Undermine. This would make a new land with many accessable routes from eacgh island including ( Boats , bridges , ETC )

New races Edit



Naga - These are naga that have been morphed back into their night elven form due to the ending of the maelstrom ,they are smaller in stature (about 6-7ft) and there 1 tail has turned into 2 very long legs with a tail behind them . Their skin is still Naga-like.(survivers of the maelstrom)

Racial abilities Edit

Goblins - Engineering specialization ( +15 )

+5% bonus strength

+20% bonus damage when fighting mechanical mobs

(Move)Hard Skin - Reduces melee damage taken by 15% for 10 seconds


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