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Horde of Honor
Horde of Honor memorial page, alot off old information which shouldnt just be lost, compiled by Theanara

Overview Edit

Horde of Honor was a pre-tbc casual endgame raiding guild. A Large community with many, many friends all over the server.

Horde of Honor was founded on December 8, 2005 and was disbanded on may 1, 2007.

This page is a memorial to one off the servers finest guilds.

and the friendship builded in that period still lives on.....

Guild Progress Edit

Format: Boss (dd-mm-yy)
Pre The Burning Crusade:

Zul'Gurub - Cleared on 09-08-06

Venoxis (first kill on 16-05-06)
Jeklik (30-05-06)
Marli (03-07-06)
Bloodlord Mandokir (07-07-06)
Thekal (16-07-06)
Arlokk (22-07-06)
Hakkar (09-08-06)
Ghaz'Ranka (16-08-06)

Ahn'Qiraji 20

Kurinnaxx (08-07-06)
Rajaxx (4-08-06)
Buru (15-08-06)
Moam (16-08-06)

Molten Core - Cleared on 03-12-06
Lucifron (24-07-06) - (Not guild only, got help from The Tide)
Lucifron (17-08-06) - guild only
Magmadar (03-09-06) - on 2nd try ever.
Gehenas (04-09-06) - on 2nd try ever.
Garr (04-09-06) - on 2nd try ever.
Baron Geddon (05-09-06) - 2nd try off the evening (3 the day before)
Shazzrah (05-09-06) - 1st try ever.
Golemagg (08-09-06) - 1st try ever.
Sulfuron Harbringer (14-09-06) - 3th try.
Majordomo (31-10-06) HALLOWEEN NIGHT - 4th try.
RAGNAROS (03-12-06) - night off tryes, a 1% wipe AND then only 5 deaths at the kill.

Outdoor bosses

Onyxia (11-09-06) - 3th try.

The Burning Crusade
- Attumen the Huntsman (02-03-2007)
- Moroes (10-03-2007)
- Maiden of Virtue (11-03-2007)
- Big Bad Wolf - Opera House (12-03-2007)
- Romulo and Julliane - Opera House (23-03-2007)
- The Curator (27-03-2007)
- The Chess event (27-03-2007)
- Wizard of Oz - Opera House (13-04-2007) **Opera house cleared**

History Edit

The first part off the history is done by Rakca (GM). He wrote it till the time Theanara joined Horde of Honor, from then on it's Theanara's (Co-GM) write-up.
There is a short overlap between both story's but im giving here an un-editted version off the write-ups done long long ago.

The story begins.. (by Rakca)

To start with the founders of the guild.
Rakca (Guildmaster)
Kerlon (assisting GM)
Avicus (member)
Slyvical (member)
Kunichi (member)
And then some other I don’t know they where kicked when the guild was created.

Then for a few weeks we where just us a little community of friends from the server Turalyon Then we invited some more friends who transferred from Turalyon Kerlons brother joined us and Facemar joined us. The reason we all the sudden had Facemar with us was that we really needed a priest and Facemar was a good priest and friendly so I talked him into joining us.

For a couple of month that went fine, we had Repent joining us, and still remember the first time I spoke with him. He spammed the general chat that he was interested in a little guild where he would be welcome and stuff like that, I then whispered him with some details about the guild and he agreed to join us. Sometimes in the late night I spoke a lot with Repent but he was always a mystery to us, never really said anything, he was never on Team Speak (God Kerlon hated him for that) The first couple of month we never used the Guild Chat, it was always going on Team Speak, in those couple of month I learnt the English language.

Well times moved on and we got a few more members, I became friends with Theanara mostly me earning a fortune on him by sending him fish, I skilled my fishing, send them to Theanara and got money back, easy money. Well as we all grew in level so did the challenges we needed and the instances was getting tougher and tougher, our little community was still going along and we where a team more than a guild. Still with Repent on the sideline, minding his own business in the battlegrounds.

Then all the sudden things changed we started in ZF and we knew that if we wanted to be something then we needed more members, so the very first way we recruited new members was by spending serval afternoons in ZF having different people with us in ZF and watching their play style and there maturity. Then we met Lastone, Lastone is a chapter of his own, really great guy, and in some strange way i convinced him to join us. Well I became even better friends with Thea and we started to speak quite a lot. Then after a few weeks Thea became level 60, at that time he had created his own guild and such. Minions of the forsaken if im not remembering wrong. We spoke again and one day I suggested a merge with him, Thea was game right away but I needed to talk things over with Kerlon first.

Kerlon agreed with it but with Doubts, he wanted the small guild. Then theas guild started to join us and that was a smart move. Meanwhile Kerlon was fixing an alliance with the Guild Called Suffocate, great Guys was a bunch of Swedish people who knew eachother in RL. Well things went on and we became even bigger, and we started to do ZG with Suffocate I Created the Webserver and Avicus created the website, and I made the forum and the ZGDKP site, got I was mad these days everything would just not work un till one day when I did something and it worked, and the server was perfect.

As things went on things became more and more tense between me and kerlon, I wanted a MC guild and he really did not want us to grow, so one day I made theanara guild leader and Kerlon freaked out and left the guild, taking the rest of the founders with him. Not good, but thea kept my spirit high and we moved on, not with suffocate as our allie anymore, we had to move on, I told thea to use his talking gift and find another alliance we could raid with in ZG. He found Visions Of Doom a Russian guild they seemed to be nice, they had obediah and merukhan there, and we came quite far in ZG with them. We expanded the guild a lot these days, and became quite a large guild.

--- Till so far, the beginning off Horde of Honor from here on its the write-up from Theanara. ---
note: This writeup has been done in several "phases" during the guilds exsistence and therefor end sometimes with a motivation speech for members reading it. I've let it in there as it shows how the mood and the spirit was those days

I created my own little home, Minions of the Forsaken, (which still exsists with 1 member, my alt, oh remember the good times) anyway i started that guild with Lastone, yep him. And we transferred members from various other small guilds into ours.

Then Lastone ran into Rakca, and they had alot off talks and such, and so Lastone decided to join them and we merged into Horde of Honor. Which where, at that time, trying to start ZG together with Suffocate.

After we killed Venoxis and sometimes Jeklik with suffocate, they decided they could do it on their own and left our cooperation. Which resulted in the fact that some 4 of the 6 officers left to Suffocate and also a dozen other level 60's. Leaving the most determined members in Horde of Honor, I can name about 5-6 members who are still with us from that time, but i think i will forget some so i wont. Anyway the major setback.
We then started to atvertise our guild to the fullest, we had 2 officers left: rakca and me (theanara) and together we where online almost 24/7.
After we recruited a dozen off new members and started to get slightly bigger, i searched for a raiding partner again, and i found a large raiding partner in The red Death and the reformed into Visions of Doom, (amoung them our famous Argok, Merukhan, Obediah, and more) we started raiding ZG succesfully and i invited also The Abhorred into our little cooperation, (sadly that choice was off less succes).

After some raiding me and argok where chatting alot about merging and how that would be possible, as their leaders kinda switched to an alt on another server. When we finally decided to do it, it meaned a great impulse into our forces and we had a large boost in morale to actually see who are willing to raid. We started raiding reallly well in ZG, (venoxis and jeklik still but at least we could kill them without numerous wipes). In that time we also said goodbye to the Abhorred as their participation in our raids was deminished to 0.

Then shortly afterwards we got a little hand from some friendly members from The Tide, they gave us the tactics and a few tryes on Marli and Bloodlord. The day afterwards we killed both for the first time.
And we went from 2 ZG runs a week, to ZG 7 days a week. And this meaned Progress. alot off progress. we said goodbye to the well-bugged GEM, and did forum signups until the current signup system arrived.

we invited more people to the guild and got Children of the Blood merged into us, and things went smoother then ever. I remember whispering to rakca, "OMG look we have 25 lvl 60 members online" and more things like that. it felt really amazing to see how much trust people gave us, and how much they where willing to wait for doing the bigger dunguons. We slightly progressed into ZG and also started AQ20 and did not so bad there.

For MC we tryed a 1 time only run with Tortured and to be honost they did their name well. or at least the raid was just a terrible misjudge off my side. I hoped their raiding would be like our raiding but things where totally different leading into a disastrous raid, and alto we got to Lucifron we never managed to kill it. (imagine this was my first MC run and i hoped it would be more fun). Anyway afterwards we quickly said goodbye to them.

Disappointed at how things went we decided to never cooperate like this again. and we invite more people, we did more ZG runs, and we became very friendly with the people from the tide. Which resulted in them filling up our first MC-partially-guild-run, on 24/7/06, and on 17-08-2006 we got lucifron down on our own. Just AMAZING. we then kinda steamrolled through MC, because we got our epics from ZG and AQ20 making MC kinda "easy".
Then almost a month later on 19-09-2006 we had a major setback, due to some disagreements and ofcourse a troublemaker, we lost around 20 raiders. we got in MC upto Majordomo.

In that period of time we sought and found contact with Corpsemakers. Their leader, Sonath, decided to get alot off members off them to Horde of Honor. we didnt took in everyone as their guild was also around 200+ members, but we did got alot, to fill up our empty holes.

And it took us exactly to the 28-09-2006 to get back to MC again.
And it took us until 01-11-2006 so become stronger then never before, because at that wonderfull day we submitted Majordomo and for the first time in guild-history we had a meeting with Ragnaros.

Now at this point off writing in our Guild-History / Theanara-History we are having a very great bunch off players with who i can say i feel at home with. They make me feel like we can acchieve great things in the upcomming addon The Burning Crusade. and that we might even become one off the top-notch guilds on the server, if we manage to stick together. Our previous versitality showed that nothing, absolutely NOTHING can beat or break Horde of Honor. we have been heavily damaged twice, and im sure it will happen again, but as rakca says "WE STAND UNITED"

That is the first part of the history accoording to Theanara, on with part 2

After our majordomo kill, we pushed along to ragnaros. countless farming hours for greater fire protection potions, reading guides, and discussing.

every reset we had a couple off tryes, more for tactics then for real, using some pots and stuff but not really a full scale attempt.

and then the day came. The day off Horde of Honor.

3 December 2006.

a fearsome battle, with everyone fully prepaired, and i mean FULLY. flasks, dps-elixirs, healing-mana-pots, oils, foodbuffs, and most off our elitest people. We know we where there to rock it.

We wiped, yes we did. We got him on our 3th or 4th try. The try before the kill we died at a frustrating 1%. with ragnaros closer to 0% then to 1%. he had 6000 health left. and we lacked the speed because we got killed by the second wave off sons. Something remarkable about that attempt, was that right before we started it we repaired, and once the tank (Bean) charged in, he said his famous words.. "uh oh.. guys my weapon is red". followed by a great laughter on TS. and our great teamwork solved the issue. Fealasy took over the tanking, while Bean ran to the repairbot, he repaired, and took the tanking over from Fealasy.

We knew we could do it, we just knew, all minds where set on it, everybody gave it another try. This time no errors where made, and after the hammer splashed down in the lava, we saw that we only lost 5 people.
Our finest hour. We cleared Molten Core.

a few days later the new patch "before the storm" came in. making the new talents for lvl 70 available and thus making all characters stronger and better then they where before. At least WE killed Ragnaros before that. making it a real acomplishment.

The patch got known as the PvP-patch. it changed the pvp-reward system, making High Warlord weapons availble for everyone is a relative short time. This result a server wide problem for raiding guilds. Several died, both on Horde as on Alliance side. and it stopped almost all raiding.

We managed to keep raiding going at a decent level. Still doing MC and Onyxia, and raiding on low attendancy days in ZG and AQ20. Arguments flying around about we are a raiding guild not a pvp guild. and more off that kind. Making tentions go up, and people leaving the guild/stopping the game.
Which is ofcourse sad, but with the coming off TBC we needed to get smaller anyway, so we didnt do to much about it. we took away some tentions by kicking people. and basically did all we could to just, sit the ride out till 16 januari.

After our ragnaros kill we did had a few tryes on Razorgore, but never acchieved anything name-worthy.

16 Januari came, and we set foot inside outland.
We turned into a leveling guild. all at our own speed.

Today: 17 januari, we got already some people at 62, some at 61, and loads on level 60.

This will change soon and we will shine like never before.......

End off Part 2, going on with the chapter 3

Januari was a busy month. With Repent (rogue) being the first to be lvl 70 off our guild. with alot off others shortly after him. A really amazing prestation.

Everyone was leveling and busy with new instances and new content. An amazing time...

and slowly but surely also more players got attuned to Karazhan and started to get ready for raiding.

After some messy attempts trying to raid karazhan we slowly got into the routine off raiding. And on 3 March we made our first Kill, Attumen the Huntsman and his horse Moroes. The first step off many...

The week later we boosted throught the following 3 bosses. And we where facing the Curator, the first boss to drop Tier 4 stuff.

In that period we also lost a couple very good raiders due to major disagreements. This resulted in opening our recruitment once again. and we got some very decent replacements. But as with all previous times in our history, it slowed our progress down, but it didnt got cut-off. because:

It took us almost 3 weeks, but on 27 March the day came. A group off 10 players got the Curator down and due to the /roll loot deviding we did, Zakza became the lucky warlock to get the first Tier 4 person off the guild.
It was once again a moment to shine.......... and there was certainly more to come..

After the Curator we ofcourse went on and did the Chess event, which is really a very amazing battle..... but ofcourse.. easy.

In the guild is since our TBC raiding started to take off the discussion going about "how ready are you for raiding", about casualness, hardcoreness and slackerness. About what can and what cant be done while raiding. Due to the increasing difficulty level when it comes to raiding. The raiders find that to have a chance you need to be very well prepaired, and this leads to discussions.

The difference between preparation was really noticable on Friday the 13th of April. Most off our finest players gathered for a round off Karazhan, we started with a filled Karazhan, and cleared the first half off it, stopping at the corpse off the Curator in just a couple off hours.

Blizzard acknowlaged that raiding is to difficult so they are scaling everything in a patch that will be called the PvE-patch. When it goes live is currently unknown.

Until that time we just need to see how things go, and let it evolve naturally.

The moment off writing is 19 april 2006.

Im still a proud co-leader of Horde of Honor. And its good to see that we still have the possibility to have very good raids. our adventures continue...

History continues in the Burning Cursade.

History is writen, here and now.

End off Part 3.... we continue with the final piece off history.

19 april was our last official raid. Things where getting downhill for a long period. It wasnt very notable as some players kept us going. The raiding atmosphere went from bad to worse.

im not here to blame people, but the willingness to defeat certain bosses was lacking. Where previously you could have 10 players afk at a bossfight in Molten Core, in Karazhan if 1 person is afk, you can better wait for him to return or you will wipe.

Also the thrash respawn timers putted alot off presure on the raid-speed. Which combined isnt very good for a casual raiding guild.

And after we as officers got to know that more and more players where doubting to stop wow in the near future (Lotr online and other games) we decided that it would be best to leave it all with our heads up high.

A date was picked, 1 may.
We orginised a huge battle. We went to kill the boss inside Stormwind: Archmage Benedictus. Patrock, our warlock, went inside stormwind with his Orb of Deception, followed by 2 stealthers (Argok and another rogue). They summoned 30+ players off Horde of Honor in the cellars under the Cathedral.

On a side-note: without announcing that we where going to disband in advance, even some old players (who stopped playing wow) joined that raid. (Gujin for example). This made the evening even more historic.

When we where all there we pulled Benedictus downstairs and quickly finished him off. being the first horde guild to kill a faction boss, and the second on the server (only redrum had ever killed a faction boss (the one in TB)). When we where still making numerous screenshots and killing some alliance, the boss respawned after about 10-15 minutes, right under our noses. So we killed it again. This time with alot off interference off Alliance players.
We made it, and quickly made a portal to Orgrimmar.
We gathered at Thrall for another round off screenshots.

And then it happened.

Rakca preformed a wonderfull speech. And you could just feel a shiver going through the world when he said that this was the end.

When the news got out, even more ex-horde of honor players rushed to Orgrimmar/Thrall, for a final goodbye.

And after making a personal thanks to alot off players who have made things happen it was time to stop.

and so it went:

At that moment the world stopped for a second.

An offical statement was made in the different channels all over the world and on the realmforum. And the sympathie off numerous players showed that Horde of Honor was a memorable guild, and it was worth alot if you where ever in it.

Members ofcourse moved on to different guilds, Dignitas a casual raiding guild eventually got a great amount off fine players, and so did Vixens a more hardcore raiding guild. Some players moved, as said to other games such as Lotr, some transferred or rerolled to other servers. Argok transferred to The Maelstorm to join a PvP guild, Rakca rerolled a mage on Defias Brotherhood, Amicor left to Lotr, Andrex stopped playing wow.

Ofcourse there where alot of sounds going around for a remake off Horde of Honor, but that will not happen... at least not for now.

What the future holds is always uncertain....

But now, 3 months after the disbanding, I still see alot off ex-horde of honor players, and i greet and talk with them on a daily basis. Even the website remains with some occasional posts off players who stay in touch this way. A heart warming feeling whenever i think back off the days in Zul'Gurub.

Wednesday 8 August will be 2 years since we first killed Hakkar.
Our first raid instance to be cleared.

I once again salute you, who-ever reads it. it was just something that needed to be written.


Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Horde of Honor's idea was that everyone could raid whenever he wanted. This resulted in raids 7 days a week. At some point even an afternoon raid on saturday was preformed making it 8 raids in total.

When little players showed up we did AQ20 or ZG, and when we had enough players it was Molten Core.

Needless to say that there where weeks where we raided Molten Core every single evening, and we had a large group off players who where there every single raid. Which is a great acomplishment.

Officers Edit

This is a list off officers at the moment the guild disbanded for the first time.

Rakca - Guild Master

Guild Leaders
Theanara (Co-GM)
Amicor (also raid leader)

Class Leaders

Yzz - Mage
Merukhan - Hunter
Tylir - Rogue
Gutroan - Warrior
Yulunda - Druid
Patrock - Warlock (also raid leader)
Grandvache - Shaman
Presario - Priest
No Paladin Class leader

Raid Leader


Part 2 - The revival Edit

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