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  • I am Medivh:....Med'an!Get your Mother!She'll be angry at you!!
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Alexandros MograineTCG

Welcome to my page!

My expansion idea I guess Humans:Priests,Warrior,Mages,Rogue,Hunter(Alliance only hero class:Paladin) Gnome:Warrior,Priest,Mage,Hunter Wildhammer dwarf:Druid,Priest,Hunter,Warrior High elf:Mage,Hunter,Priest,Warrior,rogue

Orc:Warrior,Warlock,rogue,Mage(Horde only hero class:gen 1 death knight) Forest Troll:Hunter,Warrior,priest,rogue,Mage,warlock Goblin:Hunter,Warrior,Mage,warlock,priest Ogre:Mage,warrior,rogue,warlock

Human faction leader:Antonidas,Anduin,Terenas,Thoras gnome faction leader:Gelbin Makkertounge


Wildhammer faction leader:High Thane Kurdan Wildhammer(sky'ree) High elf faction leader:Kael,Anasterian,Alleria,Veressa,Sylvanas,Halduron

Orc faction leader:Orgrim doomhammer,Gul'dan,,Kilrogg deadeye,zuluhed the whAcked Forest troll leaders:Zul'jin,Vile priestess hexx Ogre leader:Cho'gall(pre cata) Goblin:none

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