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When Sargeras created the Burning Legion, another titan, Lothar, sought to counter him. He forged from silver and steel a race of warriors, intent on eradicating the Legion. In a great clash upon Argos, the Eredar homeworld, the Exalted March struck at Sargeras's temple, intent on obliterating it.

The fallen titan faced a foe stronger than any he had yet faced, and was nearly defeated by the Champion of the March, Aalgaan, but still fought. In a moment of fear and fury he tore Aalgaan's soul from his body, casting it into the twisting nether.

Their champion defeated, the rest of the march swiftly lost morale and fell back. Sargeras delighted in repeating what he did to Aalgaan, and Lothar almost suffered the same fate. The souls within the Twisting Nether lost all memory, retaining only one thing. Hatred to the legion that did this.

Lothar did not loose his soul to the Nether, but entered it to escape. There, across thousands of years, he found the members of the March. He taught them to harness the Nether, and they left it, taking it's powers with them. They became known as Ethereals, the last members of the March, loosing all allegiance to the Titans, intent only on defeating Sargeras.

They then came to Azeroth, where Aalgaan sought aid against the legion. The peoples of Azeroth agreed, and Sargeras followed the Ethereals. He swore to obliterate the March, and all those allied with them.

The level cap has been raised to 100, with new abilities and talents to compensate. The majority of this expansion takes place on the planet of Argos, homeworld of the Dranei and Eredar.

New Races The Ethereals are composed primarily of the souls of The Exalted March and the Twisting Nether. There are two main factions, the Marrumaks, the members who see force as the most common answer, allied to the Horde, and the Lothians, those who still follow Lothar and have not given in to hatred, allied to the Alliance.

Racial Abilities:

Unbind-A level 20 Skill, which allows an Ethereal to enter it's soul-form, meaning it takes no damage from regular attack, twice as much from spells, and moves at the speed of an average mount.

Soul-Substance-They are souls in a physical form, bound to the Twisting Nether. If their Soul's physical form dies, it's spectral form will move at three times it's regular form while trying to reach a graveyard or it's body.

Blades of the Nether: Special racial ability, it uses up half their stat (mana, focus, rage, energy) to conjure a weapon that is at the standard of their level and usable by their class. (To program this, it would choose a random weapon of your level, change the icon and change the name)

Peoples of the Nether: +5 Shadow resistance

Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Warlock (they would seek to use the Legion's own abilities against them), Demon Hunter (same)

New Factions

Marrumaks: Warmonging Ethereal faction allied to the Horde, this is the player faction for them. They start at Friendly with Ogrimmar and the Undercity (they see the orcs' warfare as inspiration, and know that the Forsaken are the same as them, returned souls).

Lothians: Peaceful Ethereal faction allied to the Alliance, they start at Friendly with Darnassus, the Exodar and Stormwind.

The Exalted March: The armies of Ethereals who do not belong to the Marrumaks or Lothians, they are neutral and all major cities have a Level 90 portal to Argos, which they have claimed as their own.

The Exalted Guard: The thirty-strong Ethereal elite soldiers, led by Aalgaan, in a Level 100 area which can only be accessed when you are Exalted with The Exalted March faction.

The Fallen Sun: The Exalted March had Paladins within it's ranks, but many of them abandoned the Light when they saw how useless it was against Sargeras. They pledged themselves to fighting him with his own power, and became both Fallen Paladins and Demon Hunters. They can be accessed at Level 20.

New Locations

New Classes

Demon Hunter: Trained in might and murder, they are a mix of rogues and warlocks, using the Legion's powers against them. They can use leather and cloth armour-at higher levels they can train for plate and chain-mail. They use a new resource called Fel Energy-it replenishes at it's own rate like focus, but increases at a faster rate following the death of demonic and undead creatures. They also gain Fel-Fire, Fel-frost and Fel-Shock energies, stored as separate stats. They increase with particular attacks and abilities, and are decreased by others. There can be ten units of each at any one time.

They also have specific stances, which provide them with bonuses such as extra fel element energies with attacks, or extra efficiency of certain abilities. A new weapon-type, Blades (similar to those Illidan uses), will be included for them. Although rare, Blades will attack faster and deal more damage than other weapons, usable only by them. They can also use daggers, swords and one-handed blunt weapons. They are WoW's second Hero Class, beginning at Level 50, and start in a new area in a low-level part of Argos, where they are trained by The Fallen Sun.


Level 01: Cleave. An attack that does 50% more damage than a regular blow, also providing one unit of all three Fel Element energies (100% more damage and two units if you are using Blades)

Level 03: Felhound Stance. A stance in which your attacks drain the resource (focus, mana, energy) of a target by the damage you deal divided by ten, also giving you a 30% bonus in movement speed.

Level 05: Mana Drain. You drain your opponent's mana in a constant channel which reduces your Fel Energy by half the amount drained. The channel is interrupted when you are attacked or move, in which case your opponent takes damage equal to the amount of drained mana.

Level 07: Felfire. You release a burst of fel-fire energy, which deals an initial amount of fire damage that is not affected by fire resistance, before dealing a Burn effect. The Burn effect deals a constant low amount of fire damage for eighteen seconds, though it's damage is reduced by fire resistance. Four points of Fel-fire energy are used in this spell.

Level 07: Felfrost. You channel your Fel-energies in a restricted area of ice. Any creature around you, unless it passes a resistance check to frost, will be frozen for ten seconds. Any fire damage will reduce this duration by four seconds. An attack like this takes up four points of Fel-frost energy.

Level 07: Felshock. You focus your Fel-shock energies, and hurl them at a specific point as lightning. This damage bypasses all resistances. This uses up four points of Fel-shock energy.

Level 09: Flame-cloak. You envelop yourself in a cloak of flames, sustained by your Fel-energy. This is a sustained mode, which causes fire damage to all opponents in melee range, but drains your Fel-energy.

Level 11: Recovery-Stance. You drop into a stance that allows you to rapidly recover Fel-Energy.

Level 13: Evasion. A passive ability that gives you a 5% chance to evade every attack.

Level 15: Stance of Fel-fire. A stance that increases the damage of all abilities which use Fel-fire by 25%, and their duration by five seconds, also reducing their cost. It also allows your basic attacks to gain one point of Fel-fire energy per every successful hit.

Level 17: Spiritfire. You tap into an opponent's spirit, draining their mana for yourself. This is a constant effect, also temporarily setting all their stats down by three points for every ten seconds that Spiritfire is used on them. Their stats are recovered after two minutes without being the subject of further drains.

Level 50: Metamorphosis. This is the same as the Warlock ability, also having the standard Metamorphosis-only abilities(such as Demonic Leap), but drains Fel-energy instead and has a ranged attack. It is, once more, a sustained mode.


Fel-Element: You focus on a more shamanistic approach, controlling the demonic versions of Fire, Frost and Lightning. (Fel-Element users are best at Crowd Control)

Level 80: Fel-Storm Call. In order to use this you need all ten points of Fel-Shock energy. You call a storm in a large area, which will reduce the movement speed of all your enemies within it by 40%, as well as giving them a 15% chance to miss on all attacks. Also, bolts of lightning will randomly strike for the thirty-seconds the storm lasts, hitting only your enemies.

Level 80: Fel-Blizzard. To cast this spell you need ten points of Fel-frost energy. You summon a blizzard with a large radius, slowing the movement speed of anyone in it by 65%, and blinding all your opponents. Any ally within it is made invisible, as if using stealth, but suffer a 40% movement speed penalty. All creatures within the Blizzard cannot see anything that is not directly in-front of them, and when it is cast and they are in it's radius they are forced to turn around, making their owners loose their sense of direction.

Level 80: Fel-Firestorm. You summon a storm of fire, using ten points of Fel-fire energy. The storm deals constant fire damage as long as you are in it, with a large initial amount for entering it, bypassing all fire resistance. If a creature leaves it it still suffers a 'burn effect'-taking a continuous amount of fire damage for one minute.

Level 10: Firewall. You conjure a wall of fire, which will damage any creature that walks through it. The Firewall takes six seconds to conjure and lasts half-a-minute, and any who walk through it will suffer a burn effect. This takes seven points of Fel-fire.

Level 10: Cold Fury. You hurl spikes of ice in rapid succession, stunning an enemy with the force of your throws, as well as knocking them back. This works on only one opponent at a time. This takes seven points of Fel-Frost.

Level 10: Fingers of the Storm: Bolts of lightning flare from your fingertips, striking ten opponents in-front of you. This takes seven points of Fel-Shock.

Fel-Lord: You seek to command Fel-energies in their purest forms, taking upon yourself the title of Fel-lord as a sovereign over the minds of others. (Fel-lords are good at crowd control and can manage one-on-one).

Level 10: Terror. You cast a spell of fear upon a foe, terrifying him and causing him to flee.

Level 80: Mass Hysteria. You widen the reach of Terror, and cause foes in a large radius to flee for their lives.

Level 10: Frenzy. A spell that temporarily clouds a foe's judgement, forcing him to attack the closest living thing, whether it be ally or enemy. This will last for fifteen seconds.

Level 100: Mass Frenzy. You cause every enemy in a large area to be the subject of Frenzy, for fifteen seconds.

Level 10: Enslave. You take command of a lesser creature's mind, bending them to your will. You can use this ability to take control of a beast/undead creature of equal or lower level to you. It works in the same way as Enslave Demon.

Level 10: Mass Pain. You send out bolts of searing pain towards enemies in a small area, causing them to be stunned for five seconds in agony. This spell only works on humanoids, beasts, critters and demons.

Fel-Walker: A path of swordsmanship and assassination are what you will use to defeat opponents. (This has two combat abilities, one at level 01 and one at level 99, three stealth abilities and one general-purpose spell that can be used both to close the distance between you and a target, and to reach them while Fel-stalking and ambush them. Roughly, Fel-walkers are the equivalent of rogues)

Level 01 Cleave replacement: Fel-Cleave. Acts like the regular Cleave, but deals 25% more damage and provides you with 6% of your Fel-energy with each attack.

Level 10: Fel-Stalk. You channel the Fel-energies around you to divert the light and make it seem as though you are not there, though this reduces your movement speed by 30% when active. It is a sustained mode, taking a small amount of Fel-energy every second. It can be activated in the middle of combat, but you can be seen if you are close enough to a target, and he is facing you.

Level 10: Ambush. This ability can only be used while Fel-Stalk is active and you are behind a target. It works the same as the ability Ambush, also disabling Fel-Stalk.

Level 10: Fel-Walk. You call upon the Fel-energies within you to shift your position. If you have selected a target you will be shifted behind them, as long as they are not too far away. If not you will be shifted to an area which you must click, as long as it is not too far. This can be used while in a Fel-stalk, and will not give away your position.

Level 80: Shadow Envelopment. You call a black fog to blind all your opponents and hide yourself. In this fog it counts as though you are using Fel-stalk, but without the loss of speed, also allowing you to use Ambush. You can clearly see your opponents, but they can see only blackness-the fog lasts half a minute, allowing you to ambush many of them. Only objects directly in-front of your foes will be visible to them, and even then only the outline. The fog has a large range, and all opponents are slowed to 50% movement speed within it.

Level 99: Fel-Fury. You channel your Fel-energies into your weapons while using this sustained mode, damaging all enemies in-front of you within melee range rather than just the one you target. Each blow removes one point of either fel-fire energy, fel-frost energy or fel-shock energy in order to deal that type of damage to your enemies. If fel-frost energy is removed then there is a 20% chance that your attack will freeze an opponent for five seconds, while if it is fel-shock your attack will release a bolt of lightning that will deal three times your standard damage, bouncing from one opponent to the next until it has hit fifteen foes. Fel-fire energy may lead to your blows creating a wall of fire that damages all opponents which pass it, and has a 10% chance of launching a fireball that will knock back all targets near you.

Class Updates

Paladin: The completion of too many quests that require you to do evil will turn you into a Fallen Paladin. Fallen Paladins loose all light-based abilities-if they want them back, they must return to a Paladin Trainer and attempt a quest for Redemption.

Alternatively, they could, at level 20 and above, join The Fallen Sun faction and become Shadow Paladins, with their light-based abilities replaced by shadow-based abilities of similar function. These abilities will work in opposition with the light-based ones, though (for example, a spell that heals you will instead do the same amount as Shadow Damage to an enemy). This also unlocks three new specialisations, acting similar to the original ones but, once more, acting in opposition, as well as removing the three original ones. It also replaces all light-based talents with shadow-based ones.

You can return to being a Paladin from this by taking a Redemption quest, but it will be far harder and, if you use your shadow abilities, you automatically fail. To redeem yourself, once the quest is completed, you must return to the Class Trainer and then wait as he casts the spell. There will also be Fallen Paladin class trainers in most major locations. If you are already a Paladin they will give you the chance to fully convert into a Fallen One, complete with Shadow abilities.

A level 55 Paladin may, at Icecrown, swear allegiance to Bolvar Foredragon, the Lich King (this is only possible if he has witnessed the death of Arthas Menethil). He will be rewarded by being converted into a Death Knight. From this conversion they cannot repent, and are forever shunned by Paladins. A Horde convert will loose reputation from all factions except for The Undercity, and an Alliance convert will simply loose reputation from all factions.

Warlock: A demonology warlock in metamorphosis, as well as demon hunters using the same spell, can be enslaved using the spell Enslave Demon. They are free, however, to attack their slaver without him/her accepting a duel after they are enslaved. They can also be banished, and as long as they know the spell they can understand 'demonic'-the language of the burning legion. They can also speak it.

Death Knight: A new quest chain is released, allowing Death Knights to 'repent' and become Paladins, though they need to attempt an incredibly difficult Redemption quest first. This is not available for a Paladin which has become a Death Knight. They may also return to the Ebon Hold after they are Paladins, and must complete a similar quest to become Death Knights again.

New Talents (Note: all of these are Level 100)


Fel-speech: Hunters will, with this talent, be able to speak Demonic, and tame demons who are at least ten levels below their own. This does not work on Elite demons, Bosses, Doomguards and Succubi.

Hunting Eyes: The hunter can now see hidden creatures within six meters (this includes rogues using Stealth).

Stalk: A new ability that works in a way like the rogue's Stealth, but allowing you to be seen if you come within three meters of an enemy. You are, however, completely invisible to beasts. All your pets gain this ability as well.


Wrath of the Light: All your attacks deal 30% extra damage to demons and 50% extra damage to undead.

Fist of the Sun: You call upon the light, and summon the first of the sun. This will stun your opponent and deal massive initial damage, with an extra 50% to demons and 100% to undead. It will also set demons and undead ablaze with holy fire, causing them damage over several seconds.

Shield of the Heavens: You cast a shield around yourself and your allies, which will last for all of them either thirty seconds or when they have taken eight-hundred points of damage.


Fury: Each wound the warrior takes scratches at his rage, increasing his damage. His damage can increase up to 200% in opposite proportion to his health (50% health, 150% damage. 25% health, 175% damage)

Battle-cry: The warrior lets loose a scream of defiance, stunning all enemies around him and knocking them back.

Full Circle: The warrior swings his weapon in a full circle, knocking back all creatures around him and dealing moderate initial damage.

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