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Welcome to Teni's world.
I've moved to WoWPedia. See you there!
I am a tech writer by day (writing software manuals) and a copy editor by night. Amazing I still manage to play WoW a lot.
Most of my contributions to WoWWiki are in the form of copy edits for readability. I really enjoy being able to take what might be confusing descriptions, and editing them to make them easy to read and understand. To me it's almost like a puzzle, like taking a ball of knotted-up yarn and getting it all untangled.
My recent project has been clean-up all the embedded YouTube videos people have been jamming into boss tactics pages, determining whether they are appropriate, and moving them to a text link list.
I play mostly casters. I'm not a keyboard-turner but I don't have the fast twitch responses I need to play a tank or a rogue, I think. It probably also explains why I kind of suck in Arenas.
I play on carebear servers. As of August 2009 I have 2 level 80 priests and an 80 fire mage. In April 2009, I applied to and was accepted to a progressive raiding guild on Draka-US. The guild bemoaned its lack of Discipline-specced priests, so I gave it a shot... and I have never looked back. As of May 2010, we are working on the last handful of Icecrown Citadel bosses on 25-man heroic.
In an effort to learn as much as I can about the abilities of all healing classes, I also have a level 80 resto druid. I hope to be able to level a shaman and paladin as well.

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I've moved to WoWPedia. See you there!

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