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Talibah el'Dendera

Basic facts and InformationEdit

Guild Leader of Hand of the Sun and acting chair of the Eyes of Azeroth Alliance. She also acts as a liason and Diplomat for varying officails of the Horde. She is always about Silvermoon and welcomes a good conversation.


Talibah is of average height for a Blood Elf (approximately 5'6"), and rather slender even after the birth of her daughter Kamilah. Her dark black hair is always worn down and frames her face delicately. On the rare occasions she wears clothing that is backless, one may see the brand of a scarab (the symbol of her House) between her shoulder blades.

Her eyes are a deep, rich emerald green and may appear cold at first until she begins to know people. She tends to dress rather fashionable as befitting her station as a noblewoman, but can be surprisingly humble.



Born too a High Priestess and her power hungry husband, Odion an Advisor to many of the officials of the lands. She was a carefree child for most of her life until she hit her teens. As she grew older, the facade of her family life became more apparent to her, but she minded her mother's warning to not speak oepnly of it as it was not appropriate. In spite of this she intended to follow in her mother's footsteps and eventually take her place as a Nepthys (Lady of the House). She began having her mother train her in the arts of holy and shadow magic as she grew older.

It wasn't until her village was invaded, that her world was turned upside down. She kneeled over he mother who's body grew cold and long black locks soaked with blood stained the field where she made her last stand. The villager's were yelling for her to run inside the walls of the estate for safety as the drove the scourge back. She could not leave her mother here, and sobbed over her body. She felt a guard grab he about the waist as she kicked and screamed that they not leave her until he dropped her. Running back she took the spell book her mother carried and cradled it refusing to move.

The captain himself came out and yanked her away ordering that her mother be brought with them, knowing Tali would obey if they did so. All the while, he lectured her about what she was doing was dangerous and how the daughter of nobles should know better. She said nothing as she heard the scream and the clang of metal creating an odd song of battle. The captain brought her before her father, who appeared as usual untouched. A scowl upon his face as he saw his daughter before him covered in soot, mud and the blood of her mother.

The years passed and her arranged wedding loomed on the horizon, she had suffered numerous dinners and encounters with her soon to be husband and each meeting increased her loathing of him and her father. She started planning a way to escape the situation. She did not love this man and her hatred for her father grew as his tyranny became more evident.

The first attempt to run was met with horrible and disasterous result. She was returned to her father and branded with her family crest by his own hand before being forced to watch him blind and cut the tongue from her trusted handmaiden. She kept her resolve and months later was successful, taking her handmaiden with her and arranging a safe place for her to be looked after before dissappearing into the bowels of Undercity.

Free at Last...Almost

Surviving, without the benefit of her station made things a but harder, but she was persistant and eventially befriend a goblin who was willing to help her and he explained how the black market of Undercity worked. It took a few weeks but they got down a routine and she ended up as the front woman for the business. her new friend was right, it may be dangerous but it was profitable and in this line of work it was easy to relocate. However, no one was allowed to see her face sake her friend, that part she made sure to adhere too. A veil always covered it, and she would not take it off except behind locked doors.

Things seemingly went well until her father started nipping at her heals again and pposters witha sketch of her face started popping up in the city. IT was time to run, they both packed up quickly and hired a courier to transfer the good and money to them on the next day. Leaving through the sewers they managed to get to the Zeppelin before her father's guards caught site of them. She knew it would only be a matter of time before they caught her trail again.

Orgrimmar was only a safe Haven to work from for the next few months and more posters began to appear. They had to pack up shop and move to Silvermoon. Master Jack and Tali were getting a good reputation as the people to find for black market goods so moving from one city to another for various customers was no big deal. The problem was the attention the posters were getting.

It wasn’t until she was walking through Silvermoon City and met a few interesting people including Ephreil, a rogue who was not fond of nobles would eventually become her biggest ally along with two others in stopping those on her trail. She spent a lot of time speaking with him until one day one of the posters fell from her tome and he cornered her for an explanation.

Over time Ephreil and a few close to her planned to end this once and for all, her father had to die. Deep down, she was not fond of the idea, but knew it was him or her

Starting Anew

Finally free of her father she became a bit more outspoken and began mingling with poeple more, she happily looked after her property and began making sure it began to prosper as it did when her mother was still alive. However, the infastructure of the house she was satying began to collapse, deciding it was best to go to a safer place she and a few other members left and one of them formed his own where she eventually met one of her closest friends.

The happiness here was short lived when Kaennish, one of the men along with Ephreil who helped keep her safe and eventually kill her father vanished. Still weak from her attempt to help free Kaennish of his curse for all he had done for her she felt another wave of insecurity. Again, she had to move on and eventually found Haven in Forsaken Vanir. Along with her came Ephreil and Rei'kai and over time she found a protector in a Tauren warrior named Maiirn Steelstomp who she eventually married and had her daughte Kamilah Huyana Steelstomp with.

However, this was shortlived after Talibah was handed control of Forsaken Vanir and she began to see all the inner politics and corruption within, even after efforts to work with some and remove such, Maiirn left and their split was inevitable. Those loyal to her, remained her steadfast supporters and month later, Belinor Direbourne joined their ranks after he got down on his knees and swore his love for Talibah. Not sure, what to make of it, she decided to take the chance and with his help reorganized things and then created her own house, Hand of the Sun. They moved headquarters and started fresh based out of SUnrock Retreat, yet remained a Haven and let the remaining members of Forsaken Vanir vie for control.

A New Era

Hand of the Sun began to prosper, but the dark looming undertones of Belinor's personality eventually forced people away. Over time, even after their marriage, it created problems. He was not accepting of her daughter and she felt he was trying to control her. Then rumors flooded in about the possibility of other women. The fighting got worse and both parted ways.

It took some time, but after she felt more at ease and began going out more and working with other member of the Alliance, The Eyes of Azeroth. New guild had joined them and one in particular, Broken House held a weekly story telling which she thoroughly enjoyed. She began to go weekly and offered her aid in rebuilding their relations and bringing back the interest to this beloved event. Over time she became involved with Cyrik but, it proved unstable as a woman from his past interfered with their realtionship and after an attack on her life he remained in Icecrown leaving her to the hands of her closest friends. Soon after the realtions broke down and she went her own waym taking Hand with her.

Since that time she has primarily remained on her own focusing on helping her Guild and her other alliances. The rest of the Eyes has remained strong and has been growing and prospering since. For now only the future looms on the horizon and over time she may marry again if she finds a suitable companion.

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