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July 25, 2006

I go by Tachwedd in-game thanks to an incredibly short-sighted character-naming decision back when I got the game, shortly after launch, to keep me entertained while my husband and our mutual friends played more cerebral RPG's. Oh well.

I primarily play a dwarf hunter on a US server, because they didn't make any Canadian ones.

I sometimes think my guild values my hunter pet more than me. Or maybe it is the repair bots they value...

Status Server Faction Name Gender Race Class Level Profession / Profession Guild Mount
Active Cenarius US Official alliance mini-icon Tachwedd F Dwarf
IconSmall Dwarf Female
IconSmall Hunter
70 Engineer / Skinner Alacrity Tan Riding Talbuk, Swift Spectral Tiger
Active Cenarius US Official alliance mini-icon Mehefin f Human
IconSmall Human Female
IconSmall Warlock
44 Herbalist / Alchemist Alacrity Felsteed
Active Cenarius US Official alliance mini-icon Ebrill F Night Elf
IconSmall NightElf Female
IconSmall Druid
25 Leatherworker / Skinner Alacrity
Active Cenarius US Official alliance mini-icon Awst F Draenei
IconSmall Draenei Female
IconSmall Shaman
16 Miner / Jewelcrafter Alacrity
Active Arathor US Official alliance mini-icon Zeira F Draenei
IconSmall Draenei Female
IconSmall Priest
6 /

Other Alliance alts on Cenarius: Chwefror, Ionawr, Rhagfyr, Hydref, and Calanmai.

I'm a bonafide information addict. I like to collect, sort, and re-sort info. And then pile it all together so it's at my fingertips when I need it. Or anyone else might need it. Useful or useless. Especially late at night when normal people are sleeping.

The kinds of pages I love...

Little projects for 3am:

  • Spell effects
  • Fleshing out item, npc, and quest stubs.
  • Fixing broken links
  •  ?categorizing items and spells by resistance?

My job has me work in 24+ hour shifts sometimes, without sleep, just waiting for something to happen. I used to PVP or raise alts in this time until my laptop melted (oops). The Great God of IT won't let me install WoW on the PACS viewer. And this is when I found the wiki. When it's 3am, I like filling in stubs and wanted pages with info easily gleaned from other sources without as much effort on my part. I try to go back to these later and make sure that my 3am brain cells didn't misfire too terribly. I've learned to resist the urge to create templates or other fanciness at that time of night because things that seem like great ideas at 3am often really aren't. Or I'm likely to forget and spell honour with a U.

User info Edit

Ability parry This user is dedicated, but not hardcore.
Hunter-dwarf-f-70 This user plays as a dwarf hunter.
Trade engineering This user plays as a Engineer.

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