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The writing below is all about my likes, dislikes, favorite stuff in WoW, and other things that you probably won't read. XD

About meEdit

Yeah...My name's Stroffnuur, which is the name of the Dwarf character in the WoW story I was writing (took a break from it, don't know what to do with it). Currently, I don't own WoW (I wish I did) but I know a lot about it, from reading the books and playing the game at friends' houses. I'm trying to become a better artist at this time, and I'm working really hard on trying to draw WoW and Medieval characters. It's hard, but it's good practice, even if some of my drawings come out looking like crap.

Also, if you're going to talk to em on WoWWiki, i should point out that if you type like you're an eight year-old and don't use apostrophes, capitalization, periods, or blatantly use run-on sentences and string random, incoherent thoughts into a single sentence, i will probably be unable to understand exactly what you're saying and will only become irritated by your laziness for grammar. Sorry, it's who I am. I'll try my best to prepare for the worst.

What I do on WoWWikiEdit

I've always been a fan of the smaller side-plots to WoW, the lore that nobody really gives much of a glance at. Hence, I usually edit and add on to pages for things that are just stubs (for instance, I recently expanded the page for Iron Thane Furyhammer by adding a spells list for him). This is what I enjoy, as it really helps the person searching for info on the NPCs involved in quests.

Places I'd like to visit in WoWEdit

  • Ironforge: Dwarves are my favorite race on the Alliance side, and Ironforge is just a sweet city with all its forges and engineering stuff.
  • Aerie Peak: More Dwarves. 'Cept these ones ride Gryphons.
  • Bloodmyst Isle: This place is just amazing. I love questing here.

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