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World of Warcraft: Emerald Dream
Developer(s)Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher(s)Blizzard Entertainment
Release date(s)2016
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X

World of Warcraft: Emerald Dream is the sixth World of Warcraft expansion and will be announced on 2016. The majority of the expansion content takes place in the Emerald Dream and centers around the plans of The Nightmare Lord.

Content highlights include the increase of the level cap from 95 to 100, the introduction of the second Hero class Druid of the Nightmare, and new PvP/World PvP content. New additional playable races have been added: Half elves for the Alliance, Half-ogres for the Horde, and Half-orcs that will be available for both factions. New NPC races will be featured in Azeroth and the Emerald Dream.

Opt-ins for the public beta will begin on early 2016.


From the official site:

After the Alliance and Horde battled against N'Zoth, both factions must face another evil that lures in the Emerald Dream. Xavius, the Lord of the Nightmare, has emerged from Nyala Citadel to claim the world of Azeroth as his own. Heroes of the Alliance and Horde gather in the Emerald Dream to make a stand against the malevolent being that dares to declare himself the ruler of Azeroth and the Dream of Creation.

Major expansion changes and updates


Main article: Half-elf

The expansion will introduce a new playable Half-elf race that will be available to the Alliance.


Main article: Half-ogre

The expansion will introduce a new playable Half-ogre race that will be available to the Horde.


Main article: Half-orc

The expansion will introduce a new playable Half-orc race that will be available to both factions.

  • The Amagon Isles starting zone.
    • Half-orc characters will start out Neutral 15 Neutral and choose either Official alliance mini-icon Alliance or Official horde mini-icon Horde at level 10.
      • Official alliance mini-icon Alliance Half-orcs are led by Heiros Fierceblade, a leader that wants to learn the ways of the Light.
      • Official horde mini-icon Horde Half-orcs are led by Dargal Blackaxe, a leader that wants to lead others to victory and serve as noble champions of the Horde.

Druid of the Nightmare

Main article: Druid of the Nightmare

World of Warcraft's second hero class, the Druid of the Nightmare is accessible to players after having a character reach level 55. Once unlocked, the Druid of the Nightmare, starting at level 55, will then complete a series of quests in the Emerald Nightmare to defeat the Druids of the Fang. The story will explain their defection and background.

New zones

Players will discover the Emerald Dream with a rich new source of creatures, environments, and lore. New starting, leveling, and high-leveled zones will be available in the expansion.


Four new PvP zones are available with Emerald Dream. Two outside Azeroth, and two inside the Emerald Dream, including:

Dungeons and raids



Emerald Dream will ship three end-game raid dungeons, this time with both 15 and 30-man settings. Once the final boss of each has been defeated, players can set each boss to heroic mode. There will be no PvP-unlocked raid dungeons in the expansion.

Prominent figures

Among the many figures confirmed to have major roles in the story of Emerald Dream are:

  • Xavius, known as the Nightmare Lord is the main antagonist of the expansion.
  • Liam Greymane was brought back by Xavius and was chosen to become of the one leaders of the Druids of the Nightmare. After breaking his control over the Nightmare lord, he reunites with his family in Gilneas and rejoins the Alliance.
  • Garrosh Hellscream was brought back by the Nightmare lord and was chosen to become of the one leaders of the Druids of the Nightmare. After breaking his control over the Nightmare lord, he rejoins the Horde and swore to undo the damage that he caused.
  • Malfurion Stormrage becomes the main antagonist of the expansion. He will lead many heroes and druids to the Emerald Dream to battle the Dark'Aln Cult and put an end to Xavius' plan. He will play a major role in questing and end-game content.

New Characters

Factions and organizations

Various organizations, factions and new races are highlighted in the expansion. In this expansion, new playable races have been implemented.





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