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Alliance 32 Moonbrook
Race(s)IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female Human
AffiliationDefias Brotherhood (Formerly)
LocationSouthwestern Westfall
FacilitiesDone Inn          Done Mailbox

Done Stables   Done Anvil & Forge

Undone Bank       Undone Auction House
TrainersDone Class       Done Profession
TravelDone Flight Master Undone Mass-transit
Sources: World of Warcraft
Moonbrook (Cataclysm)

Moonbrook reclaimed after the Cataclysm.

Moonbrook is an Alliance controlled town, located southwest of Sentinel Hill in Westfall. The town was formerly controlled by the Defias Brotherhood, but after its fall was reclaimed by the Westfall Brigade. The town is home to a high population of homeless due to the delay of the completion of Sentinel Hill. There are also a handful of Moonbrook Thugs which are hostile to players of both factions.


Early HistoryEdit

Prior to the coming of the orcs to Azeroth, Moonbrook served as the focal point of the farmlands of Westfall. During the First War, Moonbrook and its sister town Goldshire were the final two towns to fall to the Horde prior to the razing of Stormwind Keep. It was rebuilt following the Alliance victory in the Second War.

One prominent family from Moonbrook is the Cooper family, who lived in a residence in the western part of the town.[1] In the school of Moonbrook you'll find the documents about it's former instructor, Stalvan Mistmantle. The nearby mine was overseen by Foreman Thistlenettle, a member of the Explorers' League.


Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Following successful efforts by the Defias to seize control of Westfall, Moonbrook was abandoned. For a while, it was controlled by the Defias and used by them to access their main base of operations, the Deadmines. Since the defeat of Edwin VanCleef and the fall of the Brotherhood, Moonbrook has become home to a large number of vagrants. A small Alliance outpost has been established at the edge of the town.

Dark BelowEdit

In the World of Warcraft: The Dark Below, the Alliance had the whole town rebuilt, along with new structures for many of the poor citizens and drifters to be given food and wealth under the orders of King Anduin Wrynn. The entrance to the Deadmines still remains open for players to enter. The town will also have an inn, a mailbox, stables, forge, and trainers.

Travel connectionsEdit


Official alliance mini-icon Sentinel Hill

Moonbrok NPCsEdit


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