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Neutral 32 The Argent Crusade
Call of the Crusade 2
Main leaderHighlord Tirion Fordring
Race(s)Various races
Other major citiesNew Avalon
Base of operationsNorthrend
QuartermasterAliocha Segard
Notable reward(s)[Pattern: Brilliant Spellthread]
TabardArgent Crusader&#039;s Tabard

The Argent Crusade is an order of holy warriors formed from the union of the reformed Order of the Silver Hand and the Argent Dawn. Led by the paladin Tirion Fordring, the Argent Crusade was a major contributor to the successful campaign in Northrend that toppled the Lich King. As of the Shattering, they currently work to restore the Plaguelands, which would soon be renamed, of northern Lordaeron.


Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.

The Argent Crusade was formed shortly after the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, as played out during the death knight quest Neutral 15 [55] The Light of Dawn, in which Tirion Fordring — leader of the reformed Silver Hand — reclaimed (and evidently purified) the Ashbringer during a confrontation with the Lich King. He assumed a leadership position over the Argent Dawn and united the two factions in order to take the fight against the Lich King to Northrend.

According to the quest Neutral 15 [80] Tirion's Help, Tirion Fordring handpicked every paladin member in the Argent Crusade in order to avoid infiltration by the Cult of the Damned. This was presumably to prevent a repeat of the Inigo Montoy incident, which resulted in Naxxramas returning to Northrend and Kel'Thuzad regaining corporeal form.

It should be noted that, despite the new Tabard the Argent Crusade uses, several of their members can be found using the old tabard of the Argent Dawn (this is referring to members of the Argent Crusade faction in Northrend, not the Argent Dawn members who are found in Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor). Those who wear the old tabard range from the common infantry to the commanders and senior members of the Crusade. This may mean that the two tabards are interchangable in the Crusade, and the old Argent Dawn tabard may still be in production as part of uniform for the members of the Crusade. Avenger Metz, for example, still uses the Argent Dawn tabard instead of the newer Argent Crusade one.


Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the Argent Crusade will strengthen its presence in the Plaguelands, claiming not only outposts formerly held by the now-defunct Argent Dawn (such as Light's Hope Chapel), but also the former Scarlet Crusade town of Hearthglen, and the four towers through the Eastern Plaguelands, around which the plague has receded.

There are quests available which give Argent Crusade reputation originating both from Hearthglen and from the nearby Northridge Lumber Camp, which was also reclaimed from the Scarlet Crusade.

Dark BelowEdit

Most members from the Argent Crusade have disbanded and chose to rejoin the Alliance and Horde. However, newly welcomed Vrykul of Northrend, and Pandaren of Pandaria were welcomed into the Crusade and its numbers began to increase once more. Galvar Pureblood led hundreds of surviving members from the Scarlet Crusade to join the Crusade and had New Avalon rebuilt while the Risen have taken Havenshire.

Later on, Tirion Fordring leads the Argent Crusade to the Dark Below and battle the Burning Legion and their dark master. After constructing their military base, the Argent Crusade is expected to aid the Alliance (Silver Hand) and Horde (Sunwalkers) in their desperate assault on the citadel where Sargeras lingers.

Bases Edit

The main front-line encampment of the Argent Crusade appears to be at the Argent Vanguard, on the border between the Storm Peaks and Icecrown. A few other camps include:

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