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February 3, 2010

Hello! I'm Sarah, and I'm an avid fan of Warcraft. I'm glad that I did something to interest you in me. :-)

I play mostly for the Alliance on the server Undermine, where you're sure to meet my main Arminia if you hang around enough. I believe that those who PUG their raids are missing the point (and severely compromising their chances at success) but I always find myself crossing paths with new and interesting people. I relate deeply with Jaina Proudmoore and, like her, I am very troubled by King Varian's recent unjustified aggression against the Horde following the Wrathgate and the Battle for the Undercity. For now, I remain an Alliance player, but that proud shine of the Light I used to feel as a part of the Alliance seems has faded to a mere glimmer of hope that King Varian can see past his anger and stop the needless escalation of violence.

My favorite thing about Warcraft is the amazing depth and quality of the lore of this world. Blizzard has spent imponderable amounts of both money and time imagining and evolving the lore of the Warcraft universe. In my opinion, these incredible resources have made it the most elaborate, detailed and fascinating fictional world ever constructed. People often compare Warcraft's lore to the stories of Tolkien, Homer, the Legend of Zelda. However, in my opinion, Warcraft offers more depth than all of these combined. There simply has never been a fictional story told with as much sweeping detail as that of Azeroth. Best of all, millions of us who have discovered its magic get to be a part of this truly amazing world.

This is why I'm very skeptical that any competitor will displace Blizzard's place at the top of the heap any time soon. As long as Blizzard tells the best stories, it will have the best games. I don't believe any other company has both the desire and the capital to expend the resources necessary create a world with a story that will even begin to rival those Blizzard has created. There are, of course, some players who only care about raids or BGs and don't care at all about the story or the world. Those players might be pulled away to another multiplayer game with better graphics and more competition—but I think Azeroth would likely be better off without most of them anyway.

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