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This article is a player character biography page for Alerys of Moon Guard US The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Profession 1 Profession 2 Guild
Guard}}&cn={{#urlencode:Alerys}} Alerys Horde 15 Moon Guard IconSmall Blood Elf Male Blood Elf IconSmall Paladin Paladin 80 Jewelcrafting:443 Mining:450 Guild:Guild:Hall of Reckoning (Moon Guard US) (Moon Guard)
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Profession 1 Profession 2 Guild
HordeNPC 32Lotherin Alerys Skyrift
Title Regent
Gender Male
Race High elf
Character class Paladin, Knight
Affiliation Knights of the Silver Hand, Brotherhood of the Light, Lotherin Al'archorii
Position Coalition Commander of Lotherin Al'archorii
Location Quel'Lithien
Status Active
Alignment Lawful good

((Biography still being completed. I copied and pasted from my other character Nayeesha, so I am trying to change it over to Lotherin's story over time. Please be patient.))


  • Physical description: Still fairly young overall for an elf, Lotherin has the suave handsomeness of one who has reached maturity but still carries their youthful look. Being one of the elves who did not draw energy from the Sunwell, and being one who refuses to ever touch fel energy as a source of power, his eyes have remained blue. Thus he still considers himself a High Elf, not a Blood Elf. Standing at 6’ 1”, he is quite tall for his race and his constant use of weaponry has conditioned his body into a powerhouse. His golden hair is presented in a noble, but not fancy fashion and he walks with a confident composure, subtle body language meant to signify his position.
  • Personality: Lotherin is a very dedicated, albeit compassionate, commander. Strong, resolute, defiant in the face of opposition, focused, shrewd, and open-minded, Lotherin is a veteran general with a sense of honor and an almost uncanny love for battle. He has been commented as being the elf with the heart of an Orc. During tense situations, Lotherin is very confident, collected and straight forward, in order to ease the anxiety of his comrades. He has little tolerance for small talk or distractions, but will offer heart felt advice and experience to those who truly seek it. He has a small hint of a sense of humor, but is nearly always serious minded, but never negative as he praises his own optimism. Despite his love of conflict and his focus on duty, Lotherin is also a loving father who will go to any lengths to protect his family.
  • Special Possessions:
    Inv sword 98
    • Gharak’han, Warmonger of Quel’Lithien
    • Binds when picked up
    • Unique
    • Sword
    • Main-Hand
    • Speed 1.80
    • 210 - 288
      + 45 - 115 Holy Damage
    • (176.2 damage per second)
    • +40 Strength
      +85 Stamina
      +80 Intellect
    • UI-EmptySocket-Red Red Socket
      UI-EmptySocket-Blue Blue Socket
    • Socket Bonus: +175 Spell Power
    • Durability 140 / 140
    • Equip: Increases haste rating by 25.
      Equip: Increases critical strike rating by 25.
      Equip: Increases Spell Power by 325.
      Equip: Renders the wielder immune to fear, charm or other effects that cause loss of control of your character.
      Use: Disorients the target for 15 seconds and removes the user from combat. Any damage caused will remove this effect. (10 min cooldown)
    • "A sword crafted by the Dark Iron Dwarves before the onset of the War of the Three Hammers as a gift to Lotherin Skyrift."
  • Goals & Motivators: Lotherin’s primary goal is to see that peace can return to Quel’Thalas for the sake of a sanctuary for his people to rebuild. To do so, that means the complete and utter elimination of the Scourge, since Lotherin sees them as the primary concern to the safety of the elves. Included in that goal is the wish to bring forth the proper justice to Arthas himself. There are many who wish to do so, yet Lotherin sees himself as one with more claim as he was a fellow student of Uther’s and a comrade to the fallen Prince. Second, he wishes to reclaim both his homes (Quel’Lithien and Quel’Danil) from the High Elves who have remained in the Alliance and punish their leader, Lord Hawkspear, for his coup against him.
  • Battle Tactics:
  • Personal Skills: As the first-born son in a family line of talented Priests, Lotherin was trained early on in the ways of healing and nearly any situation that could arise when caring for someone's injuries. Due to his steady hands, he began to dabble in other trades as well, such as masonry and stonecutting. This evolved into jewelcrafting and metallurgy. He never pursued making a name for himself in those markets, but Lotherin proved that he has quite a creative mind when it comes to working with prescious metals and stones. He is also a born leader, showcasing a talent in public speaking and rallying the hearts of others.
  • Quick Facts:


Early LifeEdit

Living in the Shadow of HeroesEdit

Lotherin Alerys Vae’suic Skyrift was born on May 2nd, 1388 years before the events of the opening of the Dark Portal and the onset of the Horde’s destruction upon Azeroth. Being the first born son of Andru’il Skyrift and Ki’Amei Skyrift cemented his place as the heir to the Skyrift legacy and future leader of both the Quel’Theril and Quel’Danil regions of the High Elven lands.

His grandfather, Di’eldon Skyrift was tied into the hierarchy of the High Elves shortly after the arrival of the elves to the lands of the Eastern Kingdoms when he married Dath’remar Sunstrider’s younger sister Vaelannia. Fearing the politics of having a powerful figure so close to his throne, Dath’remar decided to give his brother-in-law a notable gift of ruling the elven lands south of Quel'Thalas in exchange for loyalty. Di'eldon was a renowned practicioner of life giving magic and was selected to be one of the few elves to help construct the Sunwell. However, Di'eldon wished not to bask himself or his family in the energy it produced. He held in his possession an artifact that could create a more subtle, yet more powerful energy source and he decided to make his own version of a Sunwell. He set upon the construction of a simple, yet regal cathedral southeast of his home in Quel'Theril. This simple church was home to an artifact that once belonged to the Pantheon itself and the modest construction of the cathedral was it's defense. Di'eldon would become the leader of the most powerful sect of priests and priestesses of the entire High Elven race.

Years passed and the Skyrift family continued building upon their reputation, both in politics and magical prowess. A very influential position within the Convocation of Silvermoon was always saved for the male heirs to their family. Di’eldon, his son Andu’ril and Lotherin have been the members of the family to hold this position. Eventually the humans of the Arathor kingdom made their pact with the Elves and helped the Quel'dorei defeated the Amani trolls who had nearly conquered all of Di’eldon’s territory during what would be later called The Troll Wars. During this time, Andru’il, Lotherin’s father, created quite a name for himself as a fearsome warrior.

An Aspiring CombatantEdit

With his father so well renowned for his skill in battle, Lotherin felt as though he had huge shoes to fill. Breaking away from his family for a time, Lotherin searched far and wide for others with skills to offer in which he believed he could learn. And learn he did.

Studying with the best military minds the Arathor Kingdom had to offer for nearly seventy years, Lotherin gained a strong grasp on the tactics of war. During this time, Lotherin participated in hundreds of wargames with which to train him for true battle. However, being a simple commander was not enough for him. Lotherin moved on, seeking counsel with numerous war heroes of multiple races, and training with each of them... personally. In order to best his father, he believed he needed the skills to do so, and simple tactics were not going to get him there. Unfortunately, these years instilled in him an uncanny lust for war, which would come to haunt him later in life.

Finally Lotherin returned to his family and accepted his position into the clerical order of his bloodline. Receiving true training in the ways of healing and the art of being a priest. With tactics, personal combat and magical skills all under his belt, the young elf was content with his capabilities and settled in to await the day fate called upon him to use them.

War of the Three HammersEdit

Making a NameEdit

Years upon years had gone by, and yet nothing had come about where Lotherin's skills were required


Birth of Ragnaros

An Act of BarbarismEdit

A Fatefull EncounterEdit

The First WarEdit

Succeeding the FamilyEdit

Founding of the Knights of the Silver HandEdit

Coming to Terms with MistakesEdit

Claiming a New PathEdit

The Second WarEdit

Protecting the BorderlandsEdit

The Amani, Horde?Edit

The Third WarEdit

Rise of the ScourgeEdit

A Loss UnknownEdit

Fall of ArthasEdit

The March to NorthrendEdit

Obligations to the ThroneEdit

The Battle of IcecrownEdit

Return to a New WorldEdit

Entrusted with GehenshaEdit

A Paladin's ResolveEdit


Formation of a CoalitionEdit

An Alliance with TrollsEdit

Welcome to the Horde, ElfEdit

Those of the FeraltusksEdit

Current EventsEdit

The Eye of Truth & The Amulet of GehenshaEdit

What Arthas Wants, Arthas GetsEdit

Not So Loyal, Eh Varimathras?Edit

A Reunion of SadnessEdit

The Player Behind the CharacterEdit

About MeEdit

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I have been playing WoW since December 11th, 2004 and have been a diehard fan of the Warcraft story since Warcraft: Orcs and Humans was released in 1994. In the free time I have when I am not in the game on Lotherin or one of my other few characters, I enjoy participating in Martial Arts (I am a student of 14 years in Chin-ryu Shotokan), writing my own fantasy novel series (which I will have published when I have the funds to do so >.>), watching anime and hanging out with friends. My game schedule is difficult to explain since my real life career has an alternating shift. I am a steadfast follower of Bushido and I consider myself an easy person to get along with.

The Lore of Warcraft is by far my favorite story overall. There is just so much in it that has been lifted from human history or popular culture meanwhile keeping it unique and enjoyable. I believe myself to be fairly educated in the lore of Warcraft and I do my best to create unique characters that fit within the confines of that lore. Feel free to comment on Lotherin, I love feedback. Now for some tags that made me laugh, yet are true about me :P

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Character FactsEdit

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