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August 14, 2007

WELCOME My Friend Edit

It's nice of you to drop by and pay me a visit. Have a look around and enjoy yourself :-)

My name is Skeeve. Well OK, here on WoW-Wikki its actually Skeeve2, but thats only because someone nicked "Skeeve" before I had a chance to grab it. Besides being a casual WoW player I am the author of the WoW AddOn MobInfo.

When I learned my ropes as an AddOn author WoW-Wikki was my best and most valued resource. After being just a user and fan for quite some time I decided to give something back to the site without which I would not have managed to write MobInfo. So I begun to add a little info here or there, correct things that were not right, etc.

I am keeping track of my main contributions on my TALK page. Thats a free for all chat and talk page, so head over to check up on the havoc I have wreaked so far, or to drop me a note.

See you around,


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