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With level cap of 150 or so, it would be time to face Sargeras.

You have facedd many challenges, and this will be the last one.

  • Instance: Citadel of Doom with Sargeras inside. Aggamar, Aman'thul and al the other titans would join the battle, empowering the heroes. Sargeras would summon all imprisoned Old Gods (And resurecting the one at Master's Glaive)

At the end ofthe fight, Sargeras might drop the famous Gorribal, and player would have to combineit with Taeshalach, creating Gorshalach

  • New race: Pandarean/Foulbog. They could pick Horde OR Alliance, and becoming hostile to other faction.
  • New profession: Woodcrafting. polearms, staves, arrows, bow, crossbows, trinkets and other stuff. There would be world drop wood, or you culd chop down little trees.
  • New ability: Enter to Emerald Dream. It would be like the normal word, but with different mobs, quests and enviromental. For example, At Maelstorm there would be islands and naga, ni emerald dream there would be Well of Eternity and High elves.

You did not believe it was crappy huh?Edit

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