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Iseer is a subdued Aesir titan, corrupted by mephistroth to believe that you are actually going to betray the titans to sargeras. It is a gear check where damage can only be avoided if dps is high enough.


  • [Waterfall]—Summons pouring water down on target area, dealing frost damage to anyone inside for 20 seconds. Instant, 5 second cooldown. Usable while stunned.
  • [Lightning Cloud]—Summons a moving storm cloud that strikes anyone under it with lightning. Lasts 20 seconds. Instant, 10 second cooldown. Usable while stunned.
  • [Shock Field]—Deals large amounts of nature damage to the whole raid. Instant, 1 second cooldown.

Shadow OrbEdit

  • [Shadow Energy]—Deals shadow damage each second to enemies within 40 yards.
  • {abilities|Chain Darkness|Strikes a player with a beam of darkness that jumps to nearby enemies within 10 yards, increasing damage by %0% with each jump.}}
  • [Shadowmist]—Upon death, a shadow orb releases two shadowmists that travel toward other shadow orbs, and upon reaching them, heal them to full and/or ressurect them.
  • [Summon Shadowfiend]—Summons a shadowfiend that stacks a 12 second HoT on the shadow orb every 5 seconds that it is alive. Instant. cast every 15 seconds.


At the start of the fight, Iseer is stunned for 5 seconds, giving everyone enough time to get into position and for the dps to attack Iseer. Though Iseer only has 1 health, damage still counts, and if enough damage is done, Iseer will become stunned, a necessity for the fight, considering the damage of Shock Field. However, there are some limits on this stun it only lasts 3 seconds and can only occur once every 5 seconds, meaning the raid will have to take two shock fields every 5 seconds. Also, you can only spare so many DPS to stun Iseer, because to beat him, you must destroy the four shadow orbs on the four corners of the stage within five minutes, at which time Iseer becomes immune to stun, wiping the raid almost instantly.

Apart from having the health and healing power to live through the shock fields and having the dps to keep Iseer down, the main thing about this fight is movement and co-ordination. Iseer summons aoes even while stunned, which must be avoided. There will be 4 waterfalls active at all times and 2 storm clouds active at all times. The storm clouds have a smaller radius and are cast only every 10 seconds, but move, which compensates for its faults. Iseer's aoes can be used to dps down the shadow orbs, as they deal damage to anything, even Iseer himself. However, if an aoe is on a shadow orb, everyone must move away from the orb for fear of getting hit.

The shadow orbs spawn Shadowfiends every 15 seconds, which must be picked up by tanked and quickly dpsed down, preferably by only one or two dps, so that the the others can concentrate on the orb. Every 5 seconds that the shadowfiend is alive, the shadow orb gains a stacking heal effect that makes it harder to dps down. This includes the second it spawns. If the raid can bring the shadowfiend down in less than 5 seconds, which it will be able to with correct gear and a good amount (two or three) dps, the HoT from that shadowfiend won't carry onto the next Shadowfiend.

DPS on the Shadow orb must be spread out amply to avoid Chain Darkness chaining. The group for each of the shadow orbs will be taking damage from both Shadow Energy and Chain Darkness, so if the raid can spare more than one healer per group, it is recommended. However, you typically can not spare extra healers both because of Shock Field and because of the amount of DPS required to complete the fight. Once the first Shadow Orb is destroyed, it will release shadowmists that will travel towards other shadow orbs and reach them within 12 seconds, healing them to full/ressurecting them when they do. This means that the four shadow orbs must be killed within seconds from each other.

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