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After defeating the wardens, their previous captor (now having a name of sorts as the 'marrionette') Comes into the stage, stealing the Wardens' weapons and treasures. With their power, he summons a great water elemental beast that was trapped inside the runes. The elemental is summoned in a different room, so eat/drink/rebuff before going there.


Phase 1Edit

  • [Submerge]—Goes underground, initiating the phase.
  • [Water Spout]—Summons Water Spouts on random players' locations. Water spouts knock back the target and nearby enemies, causing 90% hp in fall damage. No immediate damage for the first water spout each phase, increasing immediate damage on others. Instant, cast each time the target(s) land for the duration of the phase. Each time this phase activates, there are less Water Spouts, but bigger ones.

Phase 2Edit

  • [Basic melee]—Froststrike damage, cast on three different targets (or the same target if all three body parts have the same person at the top of their aggro)
  • [Water Leak]—Water Leaks out of the caster, spewing water in the direction of whoever caused the leak, causing damage to him and everyone within 5 yards of him. Activated whenever an orb is broken.
  • [Water Explosion]—The caster explodes, letting go of vast amounts of water. Deals damage to everyone in the room; the closer you are, the more damage you take. 5 sec. cast. Starts phase 1 again after completing cast.


The Elemental begins submerged. He will pick 3 targets, and blast them thrice with water spouts. Though the first water spout does not need any anti-damage effects if the target is topped off (if healing is quick during the second of course), by the second water spout anti-damage effects are a must, as the target will immediately take 100% hp upon landing (90% fall, 10% third spout). Everyone must be separated, so as not to get blasted by another player's Water Spout.

When the Elemental comes back up, the main phase begins. This battle is quite unique, compared to others, as direct damage cannot be dealt. The elemental has 4 Shackles, one around his chest, one around his leg, and one around each of his arms. Each Shackle has 5 (15 in 25-player mode) orbs, which must be destroyed to damage him.

Here's the catch. The orbs only have 1 health, but are immune to all damage types except one. Therefore, your raid must be able to deal all damage types to complete the battle (unless really lucky, since the types are chosen at random). There is no way of knowing what attack the orbs are vulnerable to, and broken orbs replenish themselves with a different weakness after 10 seconds. Each time an orb is destroyed, the Elemental casts Water Leak at the player who destroyed the orb, dealing damage to him and anyone around him.

To tank him is difficult, but possible. You will need three ranged tanks with a variety of damage types to do so. Though the Elemental has 4 shackles, only 3 of the shackle areas attack; the body, and the two arms. Each has a different aggro table, and 1000 threat is gained for each orb destroyed on the respective Shackle. The tanks must destroy more orbs than anyone else to retain aggro. Better yet, during the first over ground phase, DPS should focus on the leg, while tanks attack the attacking parts.

When all orbs on a Shackle are destroyed, the shackle itself is destroyed, and the area explodes, taking off the shackle, nullifying the attack (if it has one), dealing damage to the whole raid, and initiating the submerged phase with one less water spout but more range. The Elemental dies when all 4 shackles are destroyed.

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