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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


'You sure you want to fight me?'

'I want to see how powerful the great and legendary Gryan Stoutmantle is,' I answered.

'Flattery won't get you anywhere,' he laughed.

'I've no expectation to beat you.'

'Stop trying to flatter me and start getting out your weapon.'

I got out my knives and he took out a bow and arrow. I ran towards him, but had to stop to dodge his multiple fast-flying arrows. His speed was not as high as Vancleef's, but his accuracy was greater and it took much effort to dodge them, much more than against Vancleef.

It took so much effort that it was either dodge the arrows or go forward. The only way to do both was-

I smiled and threw down a smokebomb, then snuck towards him. Before I could hit him, though, he backflipped away from me, landed on his feet, and took out twin knives, like what I myself was weilding. He slashed at me, but I flipped over to a handstand and kicked him with both legs in the stomach, landing on my feet again when I was done.

I started the regular routine, stabbing with both weapons at his back, punching him in the crotch, hitting him as hard as I could, stabbing him in the back, hitting him in a major muscle nerve and spinning around, weapons in hand. He fell to the ground.

'Heh,' he laughed.

'What's so funny?'

'The fact that I can stop doing what I have been doing for years; going easy in fights.'

'And what, exactly, would your all out be?' I asked, losing patience.

'This,' He said, and whistled, bringing a large white wolf down from the top of the tower.

'Sic'em, boy,' Gryan said. The wolf leapt at me and we rolled to the ground below the hill, where I had been at the start of the battle. Gryan started shooting arrows again, while I fought with the beast.

He was stronger and heavier than me, with sharp claws and a thick coat. To make it worse, the wolf was smart. when I tried to throw down a smokebomb, he immediately shut his eyes and depended solely on his nose and his ears. When I tried to strike, he lashed out at me, as three arrows collided with me as well.

I fell to the ground. It was the first time he had hit me, but his blows were strong, and the wolf pinned me down.

'Down, boy,' Gryan said, and the wolf obeyed. Then he looked at me.

'Well, your prediction was correct, Rog'uk. You lose.'

Chapter 1Edit

I was going out for my regular patrol, when a man staggered towards me. I recognized him; Protector Korelor. He looked as if something was wrong, so I abandoned my shift to bring him to the sentinel hill.

Gryan Stoutmantle saw Korelor, and came down from the tower.

'What's wrong, Korelor?' Gryan asked.

'C-c-cold. Fear! plague...' Korelor mumbled. He was afraid of something, but Korelor was the only person in the Militia whom I have never seen scared of anything. He even always bragged about knowing no fear. Scaring him was no easy task.

'Get a hold of yourself, Korelor. What happened?' Gryan pressured. Korelor gulped down his fear and told us what happened.

'A man... in dark black armor, weilding a bright blue sword larger than even me, came to the southern border with two spider-like guards. His presence chilled the air around me. He said he would send a plague to strike westfall, and all of Azeroth, down; as soon as he got what he came for. I tried to attack him, but his guards held me off as easily as if I were a fly. He called his guards undead nerubians, or something like that, and told me he would spare my life.. for now.' Korelor shuddered. 'The spiders' unblinking bright blue eyes, their pale skin, it was if-'

'They were dead,' Gryan finished his sentence. 'That is because they were, if I assume correctly.'

I looked at Gryan. 'What do you mean?'

'I remember reading about an evil being, calling itself the Lich king, who could control the dead to do his bidding. The nerubians were a peaceful race, until he came and slaughtered them all, to make them his slaves. One day he fused with a corrupt prince of Menethil named Arthas. Their combined power is unmatched... and now this power-hungry being wants something from westfall, no doubt that will increase his enourmous power two-fold. We must stop him.'

Gryan looked at me and said, ' Rog'uk, alert all the protectors to keep an eye for Arthas and his undead, and call in anyone that can help us locate the artifact that the king is looking for. We cannot let him get it.'

Chapter 2Edit

I was following a lead on the Lich king's location. The land was empty, but i stayed confident.

Suddenly I raised my shield, which barely stopped a zooming spear in time. The spear had pierced through my metal shield, but was slowed down enough to come to a stop a moment before it hit me.

I looked to where it was thrown from and saw a strange, pale, spider-like creature approaching me. 'Undead Nerubian, I presume?' I said, with more bravery than I felt.

'You are the Lich king's now, girl,' the thing hissed in its strange voice.

He attacked me with one of his claws, but I blocked it and slashed it right off. It disintegrated immediately as it hit the ground. He tried again with the same result, then hissed with rage and swiped both sword and shield out of my hand and slashed at me again.

******Mag'Uk***** Rog'uk had called me about an undead master looking for something in westfall. I had agreed to help. Not long after I crossed into Westfall, a spear was thrown at me and I barely raised my shield in time to stop it.

I looked to where the spear was thrown and saw an undead nerubian in front of me. He grabbed his spear and threw it at me again, but I set my vacuuming totem down to block his attack, then threw a ball of lightning at one of his legs. It broke off, just like that.

The nerubian slashed at me with his claw, and swiped both weapons out of my hand.

***Rog'uk*** 'Rog'uk, call Dorana back from her shift. I know she was following a lead, but if she hasn't found anything by this point, it was certainly a dead end. Your step-brother should be arriving soon too,' Gryan ordered. I nodded and left.

After about 15 minutes of looking for Dorana, I found her weapons on the ground near some blue blood. Blue, like blood with no oxygen in it, but exposed to air. I ran forward, hoping she had defeated the undead and staggered away, but all I found was Mag'Uk's weapons near the same thing. there was a note on the floor next to my step-brother's weapons.

I read it, crumpled it up, and ran back to the Sentinel Hill.

'I know what they want,' I said.

Chapter 3Edit

'You know what they want? We must go to the place immediately! Where is it?' Gryan jumped.

'It's not like that,' I said. I told him what happened.

'And,' I finished, 'I found this next to Mag'uk's weapons.'

I showed him the note. He read it aloud. While he was reading it, I started jumping away.

'By now, you must have figured out what I want from your lands. Deliver it to me at the strike of dawn at the Elwynn Bridge if you ever want to see the two again.' I barely heard the last part, but I already knew what was written on the note. I headed for the bridge.

'It's me you want, isn't it, Arthas? Well, I'm here! Come and get me!' I yelled to the heavens.

In a flash of light, the Lich King stood before me.

'Come with me...' his whisper of a voice ordered as he stretched out an arm to me. I wrenched away.

'If I come, you will return Dorana and Mag'uk?'

'Of course.'

'Then I will come.'

He stretched out his arms to the sky and a circle of light formed around us. Suddenly, we were in a room made of ice with 5 armored knights, brandishing large weapons, all of them looking powerful.

'These,' The Lich King said, 'Are my Death Knights. I used to take just anyone who was willing to serve me in life, but they too often betrayed me and were weak, undeserving of my power. Now I scower the world of Azeroth for the best, and give them my power to weild as their own as they fight for me. You, Rog'uk, are the newest knight.'

'I split the knights into three groups; the Lich Knights, weilders of magic, that I have gifted with the power of reanimation, of which there is only one, Mor'de,' The Lich King said, pointing at a man wearing purple plate armor and weilding a single, light sword.

'The blood knights, powerful in physical power above all, that I have gifted with the power of stealing life from others and harnessing it, of which there is two, Ran'de and Ok'de,' he continued, this time gesturing at the two brutes in red with a heavy sword.

'And last but not least, my frost knights, swift-moving agents who know no fear, and strike faster than the sky, whom I have gifted with the power over ice, of which there are three, An'de, Or'de and-'

'I only see 5 here,' I said.

'But of course,' He said. 'For you are the sixth and final knight, and the third frost knight.'

'They are each chosen for a quality of which they are best at. Mor'de is the most powerful magic-weilder, Ran'de Is the strongest, Ok'de can survive anything, An'de is the fastest, Or'de has the fastest blows, and you, Rog'uk, or should I say Rog'de, have been chosen for your wit.'

'I am not that smart,' I said.

'Oh but you are, more than you even know of. Though weakest of the Death Knights, you are stronger in mind than I have ever seen,' The Lich King assured me.

'Now, Let's get you suited up.'

Chapter 4Edit

I couldn't take these guys alone. The Lich King was a traitorous, evil man, but he was an honest and knowledgable man too. If he said he was over a thousand times stronger than I'll ever be, he was over a thousand times stronger than I'll ever be.

To add on to that, he had also said each and every one of his knights were stronger than me two-fold. I believed him on that, too. They already looked stronger than me, he only confirmed it. All I could do right now was feign loyalty to him, and hope for a miracle.

Suddenly, my new-found powers alerted me of something in the castle that wasn't supposed to be there. Something alive, in only my radius of sensing; the other knights and The Lich King were too far away to sense it. Hoping this was my miracle, I snuck through the halls to where I sensed the living thing.

'Stop right there, monster,' a familiar voice called. Gryan Stoutmantle. I turned and saw the whole Militia in front of me, aiming arrows at me.

'No, wait,' I said, taking off my helmet so they could see my face. 'It's me.' They lowered their weapons.

'Rog'uk? So that's what the King wanted from you.'

'Yes, he gifted me power. I saw what he can do, guys, there is no way on this world to even hurt the Lich King. His power is too great.'

Gryan thought. Before he could say anything, I sensed the Lich King's presence. Soon he would spot the Militia. I used my power to create a cloaking around them, but not around me, and put my helmet back on.

'Hello, Rog'de. On patrol early?' he said. I didn't kno if he saw through my cloaking or not.

'Only by five minutes.'

'Very well. Carry on,' he said, and left.

I turned back to the Militia.

'If we're going to bring down the Lich King, we need to drain away his power source. Which is-'

'-Everything under his control,' Gryan finished. 'Let's start with the scourge. Do you know where he keeps his army?'

'Yes. Follow me.'

I led them through a hall or two, then signaled for them to stop. I pointed to the undead below us in the hall leading to the exit from the Citadel.

'Ok, men, time to face our most powerful enemy yet. Have you fear of these creatures of beyond-death?' Gryan cheered to his men.

'No!' they all cried together.

'Then let us take them down! Attack!'

The men raised their bows and shot down a volley of arrows onto the Scourge army. Gryan's wolf jumped down and tackled an undead.

'What do I do?' I asked Gryan.

'Keep the cloaking on us. For now, this is a stealth mission.'

I did what I was told. Not long later, I saw Gryan equipping a blunt arrow, with the end white, to his bow.

'What's that one for?' I asked. He only smiled at me as the end turned from white to a light purple and shot at an undead. The undead flew back, but not quite far.

'Hmm,' he thought aloud. 'It has been a while since I've channeled arcane energy; I guess I am a little rusty. But this arrow, I won't need to remember how to use.'

He held up another blunt arrow, this time with a red end, and shot it. It hit the mouth of the exit hall and exploded, sealing the exit with ice boulders.

It didn't last long. The Scourge burst through the wall within seconds.

'Men, take care of the Scourge! Rog'uk and I will forge onwards.'

'Lupin, down. Come.' his wolf came to him right away.

'His name is Lupin?' I asked. ' As in Wolf? Seriously? What happened to originality?' he didn't answer.

'Let's go. We have a lot to do.'

Chapter 5Edit

I led Gryan to the frost quarters, where An'de and Or'de made their homes.

'So tell me,' Gryan whispered as we were sneaking up to the Frost Quarters door, 'What are these knights?'

'Well, they are the most powerful fighters on Azeroth, that the Lich King has recruited for his bidding. There are 3 groups. We're heading for the frost knights, An'de, the fastest, and Or'de, with the swiftest blows. They can summon ice to help them in battle.'

We got over to the door and I smashed the door open. The two frost knights looked at us and raised their weapons.

'I'll take An'de, the one on the right, you take Or'de, the one on the left,' I said. He nodded.


I charged An'de, but barely moved before I found myself against the wall.

Before I could get up, ice flew at me and knocked me sideways. He hit me with one of his swords before I could move, then tossed me over his shoulder.

'The Lich King wasn't kidding when he said An'de was fast,' I thought to myself.

'You should have never crossed the King, Rog'de. But now that you have, I'll enjoy killing you,' An'de said in his sharp, high, snakelike voice.

He tackled me and I rolled sideways, succesfully dodging his attack for the first time. He crossed his weapons, and a strong, glacial wind formed, freezing me in a layer of thick ice. He lunged at me and broke the ice, but at the same time pinned me down.

'Show me some of that wit the King was so proud of you for, Rog'de. It will be your last chance to ever think, now that you've refused to embrace the cold like the rest of us!' he cackled.

'That's it!' I thought to myself. 'The other knights have embraced the King's power to the point that they don't remember their old fighting style.'

I pulled out a smokebomb and threw it down. He lunged at me, but I ducked, and in the smoke, he didn't know that I had simply ducked instead of running away. I jumped up onto a gargoyle statue on the wall, hidden by the smoke, then jumped onto the ring above the room.

'I guess that is smart, in some matters. Running away from a battle you know you can't win. I can track you down, Rog'de.'

'I am not Rog'de. I am Rog'uk! And who says I'm running away? I'm just getting in a better position for round 2,' I answered, echoing my voice so it was impossible to tell where I was.

I clenched my hands together, summoned thick ice around them, then lunged and struck his stomach with the icy fist. It worked like my normal punch usually did, even through all that armor of his. I jumped behind him and stabbed my weapons into two weak spots in his armor in the back, then ran frost energy down them, so that the energy entered his veins.

He blew me aside, but the frost energy started to slow him. I got up. He charged, but now that he was slowed, I could keep up. I sidestepped , then crossed my weapons and let the frigid wind freeze him solid.

I circled his frozen body an taunted, 'I've shown you my wit, as you requested. Now, the finishing touch.' I spun around, twin swords in hand, hitting him 4 times before the ice broke and his lifeless corpse fell to the ground.

'It's over,' I said. Go with the light.

Chapter 6Edit

Or'de charged me immediately. Lupin jumped on him and knocked him on the ground, but Or'de simply touched Lupin and blue energy spread down his body, weakening him.

Or'de flipped over Lupin and headed for me, but I threw a disc down on the ground in front of him and he stepped on it. It exploded, knocking him back, and I shot a few arrows that did nothing through the thick armor.

Thinking quickly, I let loose an arrow with a red blunt tip onto the armor covering his heart, that only got past about 80% of the armor. It was laced with magic, so even my special arrows couldn't get through easily.

He charged and this time got to me, and I witnessed first-hand his fast blows. I managed to roll to the side after a number of blows, but he crossed his weapons and a frigid wind came forth, freezing me in a thick layer of ice.

He came towards me and lit up his weapons with frost energy, then slashed at me with both of them. I fell to the ground free of the ice, and started running away. I looked behind me to see frost energy spinning around Or'de's feet, and suddenly my feet were frozen to the ground.

Or'de approached me, but Lupin jumped into action, and even when weakened and slowed by frost energy, he was strong and fast enough for Or'de to get knocked down.

I targeted the ice around my legs with a white blunt arrow, focused arcane energy into it, and shot. The ice broke, and I ran towards Or'de and threw him back. He landed on his feet, and I shot an acid-tipped arrow at the armor I had weakened before. It disintegrated the armor, but froze when it reached a layer of ice that Or'de had most likely put there to protet his heart from exactly this.

He charged again, and with a single, last chance at killing him, I focused arcane energy into a white blunt arrow and shot it at the ice. The ice broke apart, and the arrow hit his heart, killing him.

I looked at Rog'uk, who had just finished taking down An'de.

'Let's go, Rog'uk, we haven't much time.' \

Chapter 7Edit

'So, what are the next guys we're fighting?' Gryan asked as we were sneaking over to the Blood Quarters.

'The two blood knights, Ran'de and Ok'de, that can steal and harness life essence. Ran'de is the strongest, physically, and Ok'de barely can even get hurt.'

'Then let's take'em down.'

'Not so fast. Their too strong for a direct confrontation. A more subtle aproach is better.' He nodded and I silently opened the door.

'I'll take Ok'de, you take Ran'de,' I whispered. He nodded again and I went towards Ok'de.

I went behind him and headed silently towards him, but suddenly the ground cracked and fire came out of the cracks.

'No, not fire, heat,' I thought. The heat was boiling me alive- I staggered back, trying to escape the heat, and Ok'de turned.

'Did you really think it would be that easy? I can sense life essence, even through your cloaking.'

He leapt at me and pinned me down with ease. He may not have been the strongest, but it didn't mean he wasn't strong. I folded my legs up, turned my feet so that the soles pointed at his stomach, then kicked as hard as I could. He got up and staggered back, and I jumped behind him and stabbed my weapons into two weak points in his back's armor, then ran frost energy through them.

He hit me back and summoned red worms from the ground.

'Your power will give my pets quite a feast,' Ok'de smiled.

I crossed my weapons and summoned a frigid wind that froze them down to the core.

'Fine,' he said, 'I needed a snack anyway.'

He ran at me, but I ran frost energy through the ground to his legs and froze them down. All I needed was enough ice, and I would be done with him.

'Stuck?' I taunted.'Let me help,' I said, focused frost energy in my weapons and hit with them both as hard as I could. He flew against the wall, stood back up, and dusted himself off.

'I'm impressed,' he said, 'It's been a while since anyone succeeded in hurting me. You're stronger than you look, even if that doesn't mean much.'

Red energy burst from his hand, no doubt the life energy of many hundreds of men, and formed the shape of the sword that he himself weilded.

'A living sword,' he answered my query, before I could even ask. 'Identical to mine, so that now you'll have double the pain when I hit you.'

He charged, and so did the living sword, and I jumped onto the living sword and landed behind Ok'de. I stabbed at his back, and he staggered forward as the living sword came at me. I jumped backwards, and Ok'de clenched his hand, breaking the living sword into smaller swords, that came at me like arrows.

I ran around, trying to get the swords off my tail, but to no avail. They were like missiles, locked on target. Instead I summoned the frigid wind again and froze them, then spin kicked them all to pieces. I came at him and spun around, twin swords in hand, and hit him 5 times, blowing him against the wall.

He was extremely slow at this point, from all the frost energy I had let enter into his body. He tried to punch me, but I caught his hand and pushed it back, and with his fast-growing weakness, he spun around and fell to the ground. He tried to grab me, but before he could, his core froze down solid.

'You were a powerful opponent, but brain beats brawn everytime,' I said to his frozen corpse. The life energy he had stolen over the years gushed out of his body and returned to its rightful owners.

Chapter 8Edit

I stuck to the wall and got Lupin to attack Ran'de. Lupin leaped at him, but Ran'de waved his hand and tossed Lupin aside like a fly with no wings. I shot an arrow, but he caught it and broke it in half, and when I tried to throw a disc down onto the floor beneath him, he kicked it and the solid metal broke apart. He charged at me.

He hit me once, but a single blow was enough for me to barely be able to walk. Despite the pain, I knew I had to keep moving, because Ran'de had taken out his weapon, and I knew on sight it could slice me in half with a single swing. I jumped backwards, and Lupin jumped at Ran'de. Though Ran'de simply grabbed him and drained his power,the distraction was big enough for me to have time to aim an explosive arrow at his feet.

I launched the arrow and he flew back, dropping his weapon. I threw a disc down on the ground in front of him as he grabbed the nearby pillar and pulled it out of the wall.

'That's it,' he yelled at me, 'You've lived long enough!'

He charged at me, but luckily stepped on my trap, and it froze his leg down.

'You think this can hold me? You're wrong, I can break out of this in seconds!'

'That's all I need,' I answered, pointing to ceiling. The pillar was holding up the ceiling. Without it, the ceiling was crumbling.

He threw the pillar at me and hit me in the chest. I fell to the ground, writhing in pain, and saw him catching the humongous pieces of the ceiling, and throwing them at me.

I barely rolled out of the way, and Lupin managed to jump on Ran'de. He tossed Lupin back, but meanwhile, I shot an explosive arrow at the ceiling, covering Ran'de in rubble. He got up and continued tossing the chunks of ceiling at me, and I simply smiled and stated calmly,

'Brain beats Brawn.' A piece of the ceiling hit him in the head and killed him. The energy of a thousand lives broke free of his body and went back to their owners. It was done now.

I turned to Rog'uk. 'Only one knight left, Rog'uk, let's go. This whole room will collapse any time now.'

Chapter 9Edit

'So I get that this guy is the toughest Knight, but who is he?'

'His name is Mor'de. He is gifted with the King's legendary power over the dead; and his power of necromancy rivals even the King's. Of course, the Lich King is stronger in necromancy, since he invented it, and also controls the power of life and ice, not to mention-'

'Ok, ok, I get it. Now let's go get him.' I nodded, and we went in.

'It's over Mor'de. Your life ends here, like your fellow knights' lives have,' I cried. Mor'de laughed.

'I have seen your presence coming. I know the extent of your powers, and I know you cannot defeat me!' He raised his hands and two figures formed. I squinted to see what they were.

'No,' I said. 'No, NO!'

Before me, shriveled up and dead, yet still walking, were the two that I myself had doomed the moment I turned against the Lich King. Before me stood undead reanimations of Dorana and Mag'uk.

I stood there not knowing what to do, until Gryan snapped me out of it.

'Rog'uk! You know what we must do. The Lich King broke his promise, but now we must destroy what life is left in him! For as you know, although we can't bring them back, if we defeat them-'

'They'll at least rest in peace,' I finished.

'It won't be that easy,' Mor'de interrupted us. 'These are Super-scourge, my own invention in honor of the Lich King. Instead of taking the power of the dead, I have put more power into their bodies, increasing their power in life three-fold with only a drop of energy taken away from the necromancer.'

I looked at them. They looked tough.

'You take Dorana, I'll take Mag'uk.' Before he could answer, I yelled to my step-brother's corpse,

'Hey! Mag'uk! We're gonna have one final battle, and this time there will be no mercy!'

He turned to face me. His body shot up and down with lightning and it lifted him into the air. He shot a bolt at me, and I jumped to avoid it. It hit the ground and bounced straight up, hitting me.

I fell to the ground, and the bolt bounce back again. I dodged it, and it bounced off again, as Mag'uk shot more of the bolts.

I dodged them, jumping to all sides, ducking sprinting and suddenly stopping at a corner. I waited for a few seconds until the bolts were lined up together, not just bouncing in all directions, and they were all coming at me. I waited. The moment before the line hit me, I jumped into the air, clipped on my climbing daggers, and got onto the ceiling. The bolts bounced off the wall, then the ceiling, finally colliding with Mag'uk.

I tried to follow up while he was down with a blast of ice, but he warded it away with a movement of his hand.

'You cannot harm me with ice; the elements still serve me! but I can arm you...' Mag'uk said. It almost sounded like his regular voice, but I knew the difference.

He formed ice in the air, floating there. Before, he could do this with shards, but now, he made spears, about as long as I was tall. He made a gesture with his hands, and the dozens of spears flew at me.

I jumped to the ground to dodge one that went for the ceiling, and the rest flew at me , hovering at chest height over the ground. I bent backwards to dodge a spear, then thought,

'I cannot defeat him with my frost powers. He has demonstrated that already. I guess I'll have to do this fight like I would have before any of this happened. God help me now, I couldn't defeat him before, now he's triple-buff and I've left most of my supplies at the tower.'

The rest came at me, and I spin-kicked one then jumped onto a wall, then onto the ceiling. The spears followed me as I headed towards my step-brother. He saw me coming, and summoned a wave of rocks, thrice my size. A spear hit my leg and I fell to the ground. Now I had no way out, as on both sides of me, my step-brother had summoned a death trap for me. The only way out was up.

I climbed the wall of rocks and jumped clear right before the spears and wall collided, turning both to rubble. I landed in front of Mag'uk, brandishing my weapons. He raised his hand, and what used to be a light, four-scale wind, was now a nine or ten-scale tornado-like blow. It threw me against the far wall. My step-brother was tough, much tougher than he was before.

'But I know his weakness,' I thought, 'I know the one way to beat Mag'uk, though I knew it a long, long time ago, I never exploited it. Until now.'

Mag'uk summoned totems. I summoned the wind, but a vacuum came out of one of the totems and absorbed it. I tried to slash at that totem, but nothing happened except it lighting green, as well as another totem.

Mag'uk punched me hard, and I staggered back. I knew he could do better, and I was waiting for it. For my plan to fall into action. I had always wasted too much time destroying his totems, but if I didn't, he would be too powerful. This time it was different.

He punched me again, harder this time and I flew back, grabbing and tearing out of the ground the vacuuming totem I had seen before. I used it like a board, and came right back for another round. He threw a fireball, like I predicted, as it was the only element he had not used against me so far. A vacuum came from the totem under my feet, as usual, but with too far a distance from the other totems, it was going to blow.

I threw it at Mag'uk, and it exploded, blowing away his totems and throwing him against the wall. His corpse started turning back into a normal corpse.

'A man's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness,' I said. 'Rest in peace, brother.'

Suddenly, his corpse exploded, throwing me against the wall.

Chapter 10Edit

The moment Rog'uk challenged his step-brother, Dorana leaped at me with lightning speed. I rolled to the side and Lupin jumped at her, but she banged her sword onto her shield and the vibrations knocked both Lupin and I against a wall. She came at me, and I hit the flat of her blade with both of my daggers.The sword flew out of her hand for a split second before she caught it in the air. That was all the time I needed to slash at her with both of my weapons.

She staggered back, and I seized the chance to jump back and shoot an arrow into her arm. She shrieked, trying to get the arrow out.

I laughed. The arrow was relatively harmless, but fooled the brain into thinking they would die if they didn't get it out, quick. It was the perfect arrow right now, as I knew that with her fast movement, I would have to keep her at bay at all times.

I jumped back again and shot another arrow. This one paralyzed her, but the real damage was when the paralysis was over. I shot a red blunt arrow, blowing her back against the wall.

Knowing it was my last arrow before she caught up with me, I shot an arrow an old friend of mine gave me, one that weakened the target's immune system to outer sources of damage, and that did a little damage of its own.

Right after the arrow collided with her, she caught up with me, as I predicted. Lupin jumped on her, knocking her down and roaring fiercely. He hit her again and again, each blow making him stronger. She hit him with her shield, but he came right back, so she spun her weapon and cut his stomach open.

Lupin howled, and two unbelievable things happened. The first was that his great wound started rapidly healing itself, and the second was that the ceiling broke apart right above Dorana. She dodged the piece of the ceiling, but light surged through and she shrieked, blinded by the light.

I looked at Lupin.

'You're breaking free,' I said, then turned to Dorana, charged and hit her as hard as I could. She fell on the ground, and her body shriveled up back into a normal corpse.

Before I could celebrate, her corpse exploded and I got knocked against the wall. I turned and saw that the same had happened to Rog'uk.

Mor'de laughed. 'Did you really think that was it? Now you all are weakened to the point that you can't stand, and I'm not even hurt! Now it is time for me to kill you, And I think I'll start with you,' He said, turning to Rog'uk. 'DIE, TRAITOR!'

Mor'de came at Rog'uk, brandishing his weapon, but a moment before his blade reached Rog'uk's neck, a volley of arrows sprung from the ring above us, and struck Mor'de dead.

'We've finished with the Scourge, sir!' the familiar voice of Korelor announced from where the arrows had come from.

'Good work men, Now let's get out of here. We've completed our task,' I said.

A strange voice laughed. I looked at Rog'uk, who was paralyzed with fear.

'No...' Rog'uk softly said.

Floating in midair, the source of the laughter appeared.

Chapter 11Edit

Laughter of the Lich King echoed through the room. In our condition, we stood no chance against him, and he still had some of his army at his disposal. We were as good as dead now.

'No,' I said, horrified.

Floating in midair, the Lich King appeared, and so did half of the scourge.

'I thought we destroyed them!,' Korelor said from the ring above us.

'There are two exits. The south and the north. We only destroyed the scourge at the north entrance,' I answered.

'We're dead.'

'Not quite,' I said. I had an idea.

'Enough!' the Lich King yelled, silencing us. 'You have become more trouble than you were ever worth, Rog'uk. I'll be taking my power back now.'

I felt the power of frost jerking away from me. Knowing it was my last chance, I channeled every last bit of frost power in me into one blast and said:

'Fine. Here you GO!' I shot the blast freezing him and the scourge in thick ice.

'Run for the south exit! All the scourge is here!' I yelled to them, and we all ran forward to the balcony of the floating citadel.

Behind us, I heard a snapping sound as the Lich King broke free of the ice. In front of us, a wall of ice formed. I noticed something in the wall, at 3 different places. They were overlapping ice. Weak spots.

I pointed them out to Gryan, and he nodded as he saw them too.

'Men! Shoot where I shoot!' he ordered, and shot three arrows, one onto each weak spot; an acid-tipped arrow, an explosive-charged arrow, and an arcane-channeled arrow. The rest of the militia followed suit, launching arrows onto the weak spots.

'What do I do?' I asked Gryan. He tossed me a leather pouch. I opened it to find over a dozen of small hammers inside.

'Throwing hammers,' he answered my query. 'Lightweight, balanced, and at the same time powerful. I was saving them for your birthday, but I doubt there will be any other time to give you this.'

I tried one by throwing it at the most weakened spot of the three weak spots. It broke through the thin layer that was left, and came back, breaking through another one of the weak spots.

'Oh yeah,' He smiled, 'they also come back like boomerangs.'

I smiled back, and the Militia meanwhile broke the last weak spot. The wall crumbled away, and we kept running. Not much further, another wall appeared. Again, Gryan shot special arrows to weaken the weak spots, then joined the rest of the Militia in trying to attack them.

'The portal? You're trying to get to the portal? Well, you won't make it!' I saw him close his open palm into a fist. At first, I thought nothing happened, but when the wall broke I saw the portal at the end of the path was closing.

We forged onwards, until he again raised a wall of ice. The Lich King was getting closer, and soon he would be on top of us. Literally, as we'd all be corpses.

'Rog'uk,' Gryan said. 'When this wall breaks down, take Lupin and run forward. Pay no attention to us. You two are the fastest, and also the most powerful. If we don't make it to the portal in time, at least he won't get his undead hands on you two.' I didn't bother asking Gryan why he thought Lupin was more powerful then him, and simply nodded.

The wall broke down, and just as Gryan commanded, Lupin and I ran forward, leaving the Militia behind. A wall formed behind us, trapping the Militia.

'Don't worry about us! The portal is closing! GO!' Gryan yelled to me, as if knowing I was still there. I held back my tears and signaled for Lupin to come. He whimpered, then came with me. We jumped through the portal.

I was back on the bridge between Elwynn and Westfall, where I had met the Lich King. I looked at the closing portal, and saw the wall breaking, and Gryan tossing through the portal an old dagger and a letter attached. That was the last thing, and the portal closed.

All the family I had ever known, both metaphorically and biologically, died at the hands of the Lich King. There was no time to pity their losses. If I were to destroy the Lich King, to avenge my family, I had a lot of work to do, and not much time to do the work in.

It was me against the world.

Lupin barked, interrupting my thoughts as if he could read them.

'Sorry, boy,' I said aloud, 'It's me and you against the world.'

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