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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

General idea described under User:Shargas the Naga#Hordes of Pandaria, with levelling increased probably above level 120. Concept art soon.


The island is split on two parts: northern one being home of the White Drakonid, Camaurs, Shao'da, Quilboars, Derspions and Tsa'ra and southern home of Pandaren, Zzengit mercenaries, Pandbolg, Furbolg and Antaeans.


  • Playable race in Alliance
  • Starting area: Pandarshi, enormously big capital of Pandaria, heavily fortified
  • Classes: Warrior, Brewmaster, Hunter, Rogue, Priest
  • They were isolated from the rest of the world for very long, but with a recent danger from the White Dragonflight, they accepted to join Alliance to acquire allies against their enemy. They've already built a Great Wall, wall of stone that divides island of Pandaria into two parts: one, being Drakonida and other being Pandaria Magna.


  • Playable race in Horde
  • Starting area: Krumkhan, main camp of Zandrasza, the white dragon
  • Story: White Dragonflight were once noble dragons of different flights, but after first invasion of Burning Legion to Azeroth, they declined to help the mortal races and as a punishment, they were stripped off their immortality, becoming a mortal race, losing their colors (becoming completely white) and sanity. White Dragonflight are now very small (for a dragon), very weak and white. They became a barbarian and hostile race that fulfills only their own needs.
  • Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Hunter


  • NPC race, living in south-eastern part of Pandaria Magna
  • One of few plant races, with concept being mainly based upon the flower of lotus. Their culture is based on the real-world Tibetans, making Lotunang highly isolated race that lives in the monasteries, high in the mountains. They're one of oldest races of Pandaria


  • NPC race, coming from the islands even further east, hired in Pandaria as mercenaries and assassins
  • With most of Zzengit in Pandaria being ninjas, their culture is based upon Japanese. They're reptile race, sharing some similarities to Drakonids, but they're much more civilized. Most of them are guards at the Forbidden City (Pandaren Emperor's Palace) or hired guns scattered across the continent.


Furbolg also made a cameo appearance in Hordes of Pandaria as an NPC race, living mainly in island of Waitan, being the ancient branch of Furbolg that do not evolved into Pandarens.


Pandbolg is a kind of hybrid. They're the middle-stage in evolution, from Furbolg to Pandaren. Few of them may be found on Waitan, Naihan and even some in Duanggong.


  • NPC race, scattered across Pandaria Magna
  • Antaeans claims to be the oldest race of Pandaria, living here just after the island arose from the sea. They're kind of ancient plant-like giants, that leaves peacefully, hoping only to acquire energy from Mother Earth.


  • NPC race, seen across the whole island, but more permament settlement visible only in Drakonida
  • Next one Tauric race, having lower body of a camel and upper body of Arabic men. Their culture is loosely based on premoslem Arabs, making them traders and mercenaries to other, peaceful but vengeful race.


  • NPC race, mainly mobs, servants of the Old Gods. Large, sapient hornets
  • They're said to be created by the Old God Than'shao. Now, their only objective is destruction of everything what they see with their bows and arrows filled with hornet's poison.


  • NPC race, seen only in Drakonida
  • They're based on spiders and foul experiment of Titans. The Titans had created them to fight with the Shao'da, but unfortunately the experiment gone with quite wrong way. Derspions became hostile to everything, including the Titans themselves. Titans released them and fled to another experiment. Only result of this experiment is Derspions' deep, unconscious hatred for all bug-races


  • NPC race, rarely seen in Drakonida
  • They're snake-like race, believing that one of them, called Apophis, is an primordial being of Chaos that only awaits it's prophet to release him. They're very sneaky, changing alliances as they wish, powerful shapeshifters and manipulators, kind of Azerothian Dreadlords.

Geniax (plural: Geniaktes)Edit

  • NPC race, kind of genies, worshipped by the Pandaren
  • They seems to have something common to the Naaru, being their "long-lost friends". The Geniaktes are helping not only the Pandaren, but "every good-hearted being".


  • NPC race, possible to be encountered on both sides of wall
  • They're race of peaceful sages, slowly travelling through the Pandaria, they mainly give quests to both Alliance and Horde.

Raid dungeonsEdit

Shao'da Greater HiveEdit

Final boss is yet unnamed Old God, with hundreds of Shao'da protecting him.

Temple of ChaosEdit

Temple inhabited by Tsa'ra, with final boss being their Chaos God Apophis, similar to Hakkar the Soulflayer.

Deathwing's LairEdit

Lair filled by Black Dragonflight, with Neltharion the Deathwing as the final boss. Lore behind this? Deathwing tries to use the White Dragonflight to his side.

Toyoshi CastleEdit

Castle once granted by the Pandaren Emperor to the Zzengit mercenaries, now some of them, under Daimyo Toyoshi, rebeled and tries to conquer Pandaria from inside. Final boss is the Toyoshi himself.

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