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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The noble house of von Carnadin was a politically influential family in the kingdom of Dalaran. They were an ancient line, very traditional and somewhat stodgy compared to the more democratic magocracy and system of scholarly merit, and were always at odds with competing houses. Despite their aristocratic aspirations, they weren't too high in the considerations of the High Council of the Kirin Tor - regardless they garnered much respect for the skilled mages their line produced.

The von Carnadin line was ended with the fall of Dalaran and the invasion of the Burning Legion. The last known von Carnadin is Ignati von Carnadin, a Forsaken.

James von Carnadin Edit

The father of Ignati and the patriarch of the von Carnadin family. An aloof, overbearing character, he was not above parlaying his own family members and children as political assets. He orchestrated the betrothal of Ignati to a younger cousin, Jillian Lovelace, to preserve ties with one of the satellite families connected to the House von Carnadin.

James had a cold admiration for Ignati's reputation (for his skill as a mage and for being quite the playboy) as well as his headstrong attitude. He had hoped to have his son take over as leader of the family, but when he unexpectedly married Galean, he reconsidered. He never officially appointed a new successor for fear of estranging him - that, and there were no better candidates.

James died when Dalaran was destroyed by the Burning Legion.

Andersen von Carnadin Edit

The eldest son of the von Carnadin family and James' original successor. He never displayed much respect for Dalaran or the magocracy, and refused to develop his magical abilities. Soon after coming of age, he left Tirisfal altogether and was never seen again. For some reason, James never legally disowned him, but he did reselect Andersen's younger brother, Ignati, as his successor.

Most people assumed Andersen followed his martial passions and joined one of the kingdoms to the south to train as a warrior.

Jillian Lovelace Edit


Jillian was especially jealous of Galean.

A brash, sharp-tongued girl, Jillian is Ignati's second cousin, and his intended bride. Well aware of her high position in society, she readily flaunted her natural beauty and her riches, and often teased her cousin in and out of the bedroom. Though most people considered her mean-spirited, harsh, and irreverent, she was a fearsome master of the arcane and a star pupil in the eyes of those above her.

The Lovelace family itself is heavily mixed with elven blood. Jillian herself was half-elven, and her inborn aptitude for magic probably influenced James von Carnadin's decision in betrothing Ignati to her.

Jillian died in the fall of Dalaran, but those who knew her don't believe she would have gone down so easily.

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