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HordeNPC 32Zefnar
Gender Male
Race(s) Forsaken (Half-Elf)
Level 85
Character class Mage
Position Grand Apothecary
Location Korgath
Status Undead
  • Rajasta (Father)
  • Neniath (Mother) †
  • Aodola (Stepmother)
  • Tendril (Half-Sister)
  • Osinarmen


  • Thriorion (Nephew)
Alignment Lawful Neutral


Early LifeEdit

Zefnar was born at the onset of the War of the Three Hammers, to Rajasta, a high elf mage, and Neniath, a human priestess. Fearing retribution from the Church of the Holy Light, he was taken by his father to Quel'Thalas. His childhood was typical and uneventful, growing up in the eternal spring of Quel'Thalas with his half-sister Tendril, daughter of his father and his wife, Aodola, a Farstrider. During this time, Rajasta taught him basic magic. Coming of age at 110-years-old, he traveled to Dalaran to properly study arcane magic.



Rajasta was a high elf mage for most of his life. But, after the deaths of his son and daughter in the Third War, his sanity quickly unraveled. He, like so many others, embraced Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider's new vision for his people, and became a blood elf. Furthermore, he abandoned arcane magic and took on the study and usage of fel magic. A powerful warlock, Rajasta's age no longer disables him, and his current whereabouts are unknown, though he is believed to be wandering the shattered realm of Outland freely since the deaths of Kael'thas Sunstrider and Illidan Stormrage.


Having been taken to far away Quel'Thalas at birth, one might assume that Zefnar had no relationship with his mother in Stormwind. Happily, that was not the case. He never felt Neniath's embrace, but he was able to see and communicate with her through magical means. This long-distance communication would be one of the many comforts he would enjoy as a young boy, until her death.


In her life, she was a high elf priestess well-known for her devotion to the Holy Light, an uncommon trait among her folk, her youth, and her beauty. She fell in love with young Osinarmen, a colleague in the Church. They were married and had a son, but unfortunately, the coming of the Scourge to Quel'Thalas shattered whatever dreams the young couple may have had. In an attempt to flee the kingdom, Tendril and Osinarmen were ambushed in the night by the undead. Tendril was slain, and rose again as a new "recruit" of horror.

Unlike her half-brother, she did not break free from the Lich King's control with the original Forsaken. Her fate would be one much more cruel, for a year she would gain and lose her free will over and over, until one night, with her will intact, she stumbled into Tirisfal Glades, and collapsed. When she awoke, she was still free, but the struggle had destroyed her faith in the Light. When welcomed into the ranks of the Forsaken, she knew that she must train herself in stealth, assassination, to be a rogue. Forever, she would bring death to her enemies as her enemies had brought death to her, from the shadows.


Though a loving husband, Osinarmen fled when Tendril was slain by the Scourge, and lived in hiding until six years ago. Attempting redemption, he rushed to aid in the defense of Silvermoon City against the Scourge's latest invasion. He was struck down, and raised, not as a mindless minion of the Lich King, but as a death knight. He broke free at the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, and joined the Knights of the Ebon Blade, and the Horde.


This half-elf mage has seen the most recent wars rage across Azeroth, and fought in them all, despite being at the ripe age of 230 upon the outbreak of the First War. Now undead since the Third War, and therefore, immortal, it is likely he will see many more unless he is first destroyed.

First WarEdit

Second WarEdit

Third WarEdit

Death & UndeathEdit

Unlike most of its citizens, Zefnar did not perish in the Scourge's invasion of Quel'Thalas, but in the invasion of Dalaran. His death was not in an attempt to defend himself, but to defend his nephew, and then pupil, Thriorion. As the Scourge poured into the magrocratic city-state, he sacrificed himself to the undead, allowing Thriorion to escape. Sadly, by a sick twist of fate, he would rise again as one of those that slew him and massacred his kin. Until the Civil War in the Plaguelands, he would be a slave to the Lich King.

Nexus WarEdit

As a mage, and former member of the Kirin Tor, Zefnar has responded to Malygos' declaration of war against mortal magic-users. His motivation is not only survival, for every battle with the blue dragonflight brings him closer to regaining the acceptance of his former peers.


The purpose of this page is to be a biographical setting for my characters within the Warcraft universe. I ensure that these characters and their stories do not conflict with official Warcraft lore. All of these characters are the intellectual property of myself.


At his death, Zefnar was 250-years-old, and while this is very old for a half-elf, it is not impossible. I also said that he reached maturity at 110, whereas most half-elves reach maturity at 20. His is an unusual case: along with stronger high elf parentage, having a home in Quel'Thalas—compared to most half-elves who may never even glimpse said kingdom—allowed for a longer lifespan and more attuned magical ability.

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