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December 16, 2006

Gday, Rohk Here.. 60 Rogue Maelstrom

My Story : I Originally Started On Shadowsong, Leveled my rogue to 60, and quit the game for a while, When i heard a new pvp-Rp server was comming out, i decided to look around for a guild that was pre-making before server release on september the 13th, I found one, And a great one too, Tribe of the Southstar, I met many friends and became a renoun Undead Priest, I was the first on the server as a priest to reach 60, I travelled through many guilds, SmashT - Newport the Newb. Rival - Still Renoun as the best PvP Horde Team that ever hit maelstrom. Spectre - The Leading Horde Guild in progression, I played with them all the way until they killed nef, After so i quit again and re-joined TSS - Tribe of the southstar. - TSS , Transfered to Jubiethos Early 2006, We Killed nef and the first few Boss of AQ40, Then i decided to Transfer My Rogue From Shadowsong, and join my friends and 1 family in the Thundering Legion on Maelstrom Alliance. From there on, i have been playing with TTL still, and they have become a tight group of family and friends, We Pushed all through naxx, went through a Major guild fault, and we're still kicking. We're still there today,

Location : Australia Age : 21 Name : Nick Char Name : Rohk : Maelstrom Alliance Level : 60 Interests : PVP , PVE ( Naxx )

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