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Psyche is a female Night Elf Hunter, who has been in Azeroth for altogether too many days. So many if fact, that she is taking a break from the war and letting her friend Raeln step up for a while.

Psyche's Armory Profile
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Guild History
Founding member of the Fellowship of Stoneheim, a small family guild which consisted of Psyche and his three real world brothers who played Feorin, Catrine and Halthion. FoS never grew very large. It's membership did include Myraud and Zexion.

Fellowship of Stoneheim was soon abandoned for a larger guild which included many real life coworkers including Sibbie, Rein, Rune, Maeryn and the Onceler. Thus the Bareknuckle Brawlers because the home where Psyche and many others would complete the journey to level 60. Before they could reach 60, Rune, Maeryn and the Onceler all decided that Alliance side on a carebear server was all a bit too lame and moved to Horde side on a PvP server. They've never looked back.

With the founding members of BB gone, it was obvious that something had to be done. Rein did some looking around and was quite impressed by a well executed UBRS run with the Praetorian Alliance. It was not long after that a guild merger was negotiated and PA acquired the active players of the Bareknuckle Brawlers.

The Praetorian Alliance was alive and kicking as one of the major raiding guilds of Doomhammer. We conquered Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and Huhuran before things fell apart. From the ashes of the Praetorian Alliance, two guilds arose and I joined Legio Fenix for a while. I soon got tired of raiding and went to Darknight's Occam's Razor to hang out and mess around with alts.

With the release of the Burning Crusade, I was a founding member of Defiant. We're working our way through Karazhan and building a team to take on Gruul as well.

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