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January 16, 2010

Well the last threat about this awesome player was delete. but dont fear in the true spirit of PL this page will return with more information then before maybe even a screenshot on him riding in dalarn doing cool stuffs like eating mage food! But back too the beging of this awesome player. it took him 2min and 53sec too reach lvl 10 and other 5min too 30 and 5h too 80 and too get the achivment epic took him 8h. players may ask how did he make it the answer is simple. He's just an awesome player not much more u can say about him. Atm he's in the guild called Cruel Taste Of Winter ( page will come about that shortly ) where he's most beging a friendly little fello. You may know him under many name's one is atlest PL. That was all for now but remeber PL = WIN

Dont hate the dreanei hate the gnome over and out for now.

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