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This article is a player information page

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only. Please make sure player character articles are in user namespaces - see the personal article policy.

Peregrine2976 is a level 70 Human Retribution Paladin named Peregrine on the Staghelm Server. He is currently a Veteran of Patronus of Regnum, and very interested in the lore, particularly that concerning Illidan, Medivh, and the Lich King. For fanfiction Peregrine has written, see User:Peregrine2976/Fanfiction.

To see his blog, Divine Storm, go here: Updates regularly, so check it out!


Peregrine, proud member of the Alliance!

World of Warcraft Stats

Peregrine's Armory Page:


Arena Teams: 1 (2v2)

Name: We Are Not Amused


  • Peregrine (Paladin)
  • Iceshatter (Death Knight)

Lifetime Honorable Kills: 20,000+

Alternate Characters


Derroman small

Derroman, walking the road to Stormwind

Class: Warlock

Level: 53

Talent Specialization: Demonology

PvPmonster - Twink

Class: Rogue

Level: 19

Talent Specialization: Subtelty

Restalaan - Twink

Restalaan small

Restalaan in Warsong Gulch

Class: Paladin

Level: 19

Talent Specialization: Holy


Class: Death Knight

Level: 72

Talent Specializaton: Blood


Class: Shaman

Level: 65

Talent Specialization: Enhancement

Famous Quotes

  • "Get the hell off my forums."
  • "Have no fear, the retnoob is here!"
  • "If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around, and it hits a mime, does anyone care?"
  • "What the hell is a "dong of war"?"
  • "Go hug a dev, you hippie."
  • "Wait, wait wait... so you're telling me you know more about the spec I've played since level 10 than I do? When you're only experience is a brief respec period at level 70 to arena for a while? I am in awe, you must be, like, the world's fastest learner!"
  • "Where's my Ashbringer dammit!?!"
  • "My rage bar is blue and I start the fight pissed."
  • (Other Person) "Wow, retardation must be an epidemic in WoW..." (Peregrine) "Yeah, it is. I'm glad I got the vaccine. It's called skill."
  • "Please leave your Paladin card with the guard on your way out."

Notable Contributions to WoWWiki

1000Club seal
This user is a respected member of
the 1000 club!

His love of the WoW Model Viewer...

Peregrine enjoys taking screenshots from the WoW Model Viewer, then stitching them together to make grand, scenic pictures or logos/banners such as these:


Most of my edits will have to do with either fanfiction or lore, I tend to be mostly unknowledgable when it comes to game mechanics. Most of my edits will be pure speculation. I specialize in knowledge of Illidan Stormrage, Magna Medivh, and The Old Gods - knowledge that is, for the most part, pure speculation (again). Mostly, I catch all the little details that Blizzard forgets, or that Blizzard purposely puts in and other people fail to notice - I'm not too good at the big picture, as it were, just perfecting the corners of it.

Favorite WarCraft characters: Illidan Stormrage, Mannoroth, Grom Hellscream, Magna Medivh, Deathwing, Kel'Thuzad, and Arthas/Lich King.

Favorite Book Series': Lord of the Rings, War of the Ancients, Halo

Favorite Video Games: World of Warcraft (of course!), The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Battle for Middle-Earth, Warcraft III, Halo

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