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AllianceNPC 32Nuuoli
File:Nuuoli2.jpg|Image of Nuuoli]]
Title <[[Title::Magi of the Kirin Tor]]>
Gender Female
Race(s) Draenei
Level Pending
Character class Mage
Affiliation The Kirin Tor
Location Battlegroup US Whirlwind (US)
Ravenholdt (US) (RP)
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Character Concept Edit

Nuuoli is a World of Warcraft roleplaying avatar created on the US realm Ravenholdt in October 2009. Nuuoli is a female Draenei mage, she was born in the green plains of Draenor.

Appearance Edit

Like many other Draenei, Nuuoli posses an ethereal like beauty. While this beauty is alien to life on Azeroth, it does not go unappreciated. Her skin is smooth and flawless, colored a light azure hue. No scars or blemishes plague her face, which is surprising after such a wary life. Her eyes shine a pale iridescent blue light, like most of her race. Her horns curve towards the back of her head, they are long and reach a fine point at the tip. Her body is curved, and she posses an elegant manner. Nuuoli’s hair flows down her back and is a deep onyx black. Her hair is held out of her eyes with a headband, allowing her to more easily see the friends or foes she is casting a spell on. Her appearance lets off an aura of piety, dignity, and wisdom.

Short Background Edit

Nuuoli was born after the fleeing Draenei had reached Nagrand, it is the only home she has ever known. Her parents died shortly after her childbirth. She has an affinity for magic and used it for non-combatal purposes in her early life. After the thousands of years of fleeing from the demonic Burning Legion, her ancestors lost track of their heritage, Nuuoli posses no last name. The only images she has of Argus are from stories that elders, that were alive when Argus was at peace, have told her.

History (Narrative) Edit

Our people’s sorrow is more than you can imagine.

Nagrand night.sized

Nuuoli's Draenor

Our home was nestled in the green plains of Nagrand. Our people loved the land we called Draenor dearly, this is the time I was born into, the only home I had ever known. I did not know the years of fleeing, the years of torture, the years of corruption. I have never known the beautiful sights of our home, Argus. Do not worry, our culture and heritage is preserved through art, and song. These are reminders of the threat we once lived under. The Naaru gave us strength and courage and light, we managed to escape those who betrayed us. These were happy times, free from the shadow of the Legion. I, Nuuoli, took a husband. I can see him now, my Ku'or, his kind face, his short blue hair, his smile... Oh how I miss him and his laughter. We lived happily together, it was my time of joy. I helped him with his work in the hills. I used magic to help him grow plants and feed animals, these were the products that supported us, these gifts of life were from my beloved husband. I can remember laying in bed with him, his strong arms wrapped around me, protecting me from harm and worry. A cool breeze would come into the house and caress my husband and I, we would sigh in the fulfillment of another joyous day. Alas my memories were not only happy, for I can recall the day our lives fell to ruin. It was a dark night, a strong wind whipped through the trees and grass. I stood at the door of our home, I looked for my Ku'or but he was not to be found. I ventured into the city but, I noticed something. Our elders' faces were grim as if a vile disease had reach each of their hearts. I felt a hand grab my arm, it was my Ku'or. He whispered words of terror, words of doom into my heart. The people who plagued our kind for years, the ones we have fled from, are upon us again. I could feel my heart contract, my breath was shallow, I had never seen the demons, they would kill us surely. I raced to our home and gathered our belongings, we meet with the rest of the villagers. The elders told us “Do not worry Exiled Ones, we were given safety once and we will bare it again. The Naaru have not forgotten us, the light will guide us to safety. We will journey north, where are brothers and sister still remain hidden.” So our journey began, we walked for days on end, we tired and grew anxious. One chilly evening when the sun had just set behind the rolling green mountains we heard a loud crash, like that of thunder. Our eyes raced to the road behind us, they were upon us once again. My people ran in terror but, most of our numbers were slaughtered. I looked behind me and with Ku'or's hand in mine we ran. We were fast and strong thanks to our life of the outdoors. We had almost reach the river that separates our home from the marshes above, once there we could hide in the trees until these demons had left us. But, then the unthinkable happened my Ku'or, my dearest Ku'or tripped and fell. I screamed, I tried to help him back up, his leg was broken. I couldn’t breathe, I stood there motionless as the Burning Legion drew closer. An elder grabbed my hand and pulled me away, dumbly I followed him. My head turned backwards, I only had eyes for Ku'or, I saw him utter to me “I will always be with you.” I screamed in agony, tears ran down my face. The rest of my people and I reached safety in the Marshes of Zangar but, I wished I hadn’t. If I could do it over again I would have stayed, stayed and died along side my Ku'or, that pain would have hurt me less.

Telredor Main

Nuuoli and the other Draenei fled to Telredor.

I lived a secluded life in the Marshes of Zangar, I strayed from other Draenei, still wounded from my loss. I would hide in the rivers counting the stones in the riverbed from the sunrise to the sunset. In my spare time I started to practice magic, to help me with chores and to fend of animals and enemies. I had quite an affinity for magic, it came to me naturally. One day an ambassador from the Kirin Tor saw me use magic. She was intrigued by the way I used it, I had been taught by elders who had learn their magic on Argus. She was interested in me and offered for me to be her apprentice. I wanted out of the long lonely days, I wanted a purpose again, I accepted. I became apprentice to Archmage Modera. I study under her to this day, I learned magic to hurt my foes and to protect myself in times of danger, I practice the ancient art of spell weaving, I have become a potent magi. I hope to one day be an Archmage also, my purpose to eradicate evil from this world and to demolish those who took my only love, Ku'or.

Notable Persons Edit

Affiliations Edit

Dalaran Tabard

The Kirin Tor's tabard.

1. Kirin Tor - Nuuoli is friendly with the Kirin Tor, she is apprenticed under Archmage Modera. Nuuoli does tasks in the name of the Kirin Tor and can often be found in their corridors and wearing their tabard.

2. Alliance - As a member of the Draenei, she is friendly to all members of the Alliance. Though there is some tension between herself and the Night elves since she wields the Arcane Magic that the elves disapprove of.

3. Horde - Nuuoli tries to be civilized and keep peace between herself and the Horde. Though if she is attacked she will not hesitate to fight back.

4. Burning Legion - The foe of hers she hates most. They took her beloved Ku'or from her and she vows revenge.

5. Kurenai - Nuuoli is revered by The Kurenai, she has helped them restore the glory that the Draenei once held there.

6. Telredor - Nuuoli feels as if she is in the debt of the Telredor because they hid her while the Burning Legion tried to destroy her village.

7. Arthas and the Scourage - Nuuoli sees them as another evil she can rid Azeroth of with her newly found powers.

8. Argent Crusade - Nuuoli has helped backed their efforts in Northrend. She feels especially tied to them because of their connection to the light.

9. Twilight Empire - Nuuoli is a member of the Twilight Empire, an organization devoted to protecting Azeroth's denizens, and ensuring peace.

10. Aldor - Nuuoli is a member of Shattrath's Aldor, she has given them her assistance many times by spreading the light of the Naaru into the darkest corners of Outland.

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