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Hi, my name is Nate, and I played WoW for about 18 months after release. Since then I've gotten married and have a baby on the way, so I only have time to casually play on friends accounts. I've played a Priest to lvl 57 and most other classes into at least the mid-30's. I try to keep up on the game and I hope some day I'll be able to play again consistently. I theorycraft alot and have close friends in end-game guilds. Editing Wowwiki is one of my gaming outlets.

Feel free to contact me over email at or use the same address for ichat/jabber if you have any questions/comments about my work.

Project: Updating Priest Spells and Talents Edit


To have all of the following things (where applicable) in every spell/talent article:

  • Tooptip Box
  • Overview Section
    • Spell/talent icon
    • Brief Description of the spell
  • Functionality Section
    • Cast time
    • Tree/school
    • Range
    • Duration
    • Cooldown
    • Classification
  • Talents/spells that effect the talent/spell
  • Notes
  • Rank Table
  • Tips and Tactics
    • PVE
    • PVP
  • Priest Footer
  • Category Tags


Added tables, new TBC ranks, etc. for all the following spells:

Prayer of Healing, Power Word: Fortitude, Fade, Resurrection, Inner Fire, Holy Fire, Mind Soothe, Mana Burn, Shadow Word: Death, Binding Heal, Prayer of Mending, Starshards, Mind Flay, Divine Spirit, Prayer of Healing, Holy Nova, Vampiric Touch, Circle of Healing


Started an article with basic info of all of the following talents:

To DoEdit

  • Get all talents in the Holy Tree up to standard.
  • Get all talents in the Discipline Tree up to standard.
  • Get all talents in the Shadow Tree up to standard.
  • Get all spells in the Holy Tree up to standard.
  • Get all spells in the Discipline Tree up to standard.
  • Get all spells in the Shadow Tree up to standard.
  • Get all racial spells up to standard.

Spells Edit

Improved SpellsEdit
Finished SpellsEdit
  • Lesser Heal - This article was finished already by someone else.

Talents Edit

Improved Talents Edit
Finished Talents Edit
  • Holy Nova - This article was complete when I found it.

Project: Removing or fixing dead linksEdit

I hate red links, so whenever I see them, I try to at least start an article, or else remove the tags. Pages fixed:

  • Greater Heal - had roughly 15 dead links when I found it... started about 12 articles and removed some link tags to make it all "blue" :)
  • Sethekk Halls - had 14 dead links when I came across it, all to trash mobs. I'm working to clean this all up...
  • Mana-Tombs - had all the random trash-mob info right there on the main page, so I made about half a dozen articles and moved some of the info.

Project: adding tablesEdit

It kills me when I see long lists that are poorly organized or boss/mob loot tables that show all the loot, but make you scroll down and see ALL the info there. I want to add tables to as many pertinent articles as possible to make reading easier. Pages worked on:

Random Edit

Other Work I've doneEdit

Random Articles I've startedEdit

Random Articles I've contributed toEdit

To DoEdit

Finished Project: Normalize Priest Talent pageEdit

Project Finished

Priest Talents needs a ton of work. I'm going to try and have the article follow the template in Warrior Talents which is very well organized and easy to read. I'll be putting all the paragraphs that are not part of the actual spell/ability description in the article for the specific page, so don't worry that data will be lost. Contact me if you have any suggestions. Hopefully when I'm done it'll look much better and navigable.


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