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qhtowiki Edit

I've worked up some code for a little Lua script to take a QuestHistory.lua file and insert some of its data into a quest boilerplate. In its current form, you'll need a questhistory.lua file from the QuestHistory addon, plus the quest-template.txt and qhtowiki.lua from in the same directory. You'll also need a Lua executable (available for Windows or other platforms) in your path. If you're testing this on a Unix system, make sure the path /usr/bin/lua on line 1 points to the actual location of your lua binary.

An Example Edit

$ ./qhtowiki.lua
1       A_Peon's_Burden
2       A_Peon's_Burden_(2)
3       A_Solvent_Spirit
4       Burning_Blade_Medallion
5       Cutting_Teeth
6       Dark_Storms
7       Galgar's_Cactus_Apple_Surprise
8       Glyphic_Tablet
9       Lazy_Peons
10      Minshina's_Skull
11      Practical_Prey
12      Report_to_Orgnil
13      Report_to_Sen'jin_Village
14      Sarkoth
15      Sarkoth_(2)
16      Sting_of_the_Scorpid
17      Thazz'ril's_Pick
18      Vanquish_the_Betrayers
19      Vile_Familiars
20      Welcome!
21      Your_Place_In_The_World
22      Zalazane
Select a quest number to create a less-stubby article:
You selected 8: Glyphic_Tablet

The Results Edit

If the output of the qhtowiki script was pasted into a new Wiki page, it might look like the Glyphic Tablet page. Some items would have to be edited or deleted, of course, but it does reduce the frequency of errors in transcribing quest descriptions, objectives, NPCs , etc.

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