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Darkend Dreams Edit

  • Synopsis: Malfurion has finally awoke from the Emerald dream, but this is not a celebratory moment. There is a new threat to the world of Azeroth. And it starts with the death of Malfurion Stormrage. But also in the world is the rise of the city of Nazjatar and the Peaceful Pandariens are rising to the drums.
  • Related areas: Emerald Dream, Elemental Plane and The Great Sea.
  • Related opposing forces: The Nightmare Dragonflight, Naga, Drakonid and The Nightmare.
  • Related intelligent/playable races: Naga (Horde), Pandaren (Alliance)
  • Related Hero Classes: One class per race.
    • Dark Ranger - Forsaken
    • Blood Mage - Blood Elves
    • Shadow Hunter - Troll
    • Blademaster - Orc
    • Spirit Walker - Tauren
    • Archmage - Human
    • Demon Hunter - Night Elf
    • Tinker - Gnome
    • Beast-Master - Dwarf
    • Holy Aspect - Dranei.
  • Related Professions: Fletching and Woodchopping.
  • Extras: More pets. Continuous attacks on major cities. Ambush on boats.
  • Related dungeons: New opening into the Emerald Dream which has become the Emerald Nightmare. Level cap to 90. Emerald Nightmare is 80+. New Caverns of Time dungeon dating back to when Maiev was tracking Illidan. You must help Illidan escape.

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